Resident evil inhabits the deep state

I’ll just put the link up here first of all.  
There are almost 400 pages of documents, some heavily redacted in this document drop.  Even so it takes  a strong stomach to be able to read them and hold on to your last meal.  You have been warned.
This is a large document drop by the FBI on their official site, on the cult calling itself The Finders which the FBI had been investigating since the 1960’s.  That they have done so beggars belief, but there it is.  Why does it beggar belief?  Because the FBI had been working to squelch, derail and shut down local law enforcement investigations for over 40 years, which is also documented here.
You thought the whole Satanic Panic of the early 90’s (which is when your humble correspondent became aware of it) was a bunch of hysterical parents reacting to their kids’ “Screen Memories (any parent who had reason to believe that a Satanic cult was interacting with their kid had damned well better panic!)?”  Think again.  There are even two pages, in the middle of other stuff, about the McMartin School and what the FBI actually found onsite.
The McMartins were tried and found not guilty, and awarded $1.00 by the jury.  During the trial I had occasion to speak to one of the Sheriff’s Deputies investigating the case who told me that more than half the evidence in the evidence lockers had disappeared.  I guess it would be pretty hard to convict anybody of half the evidence against them mysteriously disappeared from law enforcement custody.
Ancient history, right?  Maybe not so much.
Right around the time of the 2016 election the whole Pizzagate allegations began to swirl.  Get ready, its coming back.  Originally this popped up in connection with big time Democrat operatives John and Tony Podesta when their very disturbing emails were made public by Wikileaks.  This uncovered a vast network implicating just about anybody who’s anybody in our government.  This is not a cesspool, this is an underground sea of toxic corruption that has no loyalty to Party, nation or anything other than itself and it’s own mad lusts.
Crazy?  Oh, you bet!  But Jeffrey Epstein is still dead, and not as is alleged, by his own hand.  He is just another corpse buying silence in defense of, well, who, or what, exactly? Anybody connected to him is a good bet.   So why isn’t any of ths reported in the mainstream media?  Seriously, you have to ask?  Yes, a lot of this gets picked up by less than reputable organizations, as we would expect in this, the age of the citizen journalist.  That doesn’t mean that they are wrong, just that they are not well funded, and not in the pockets of those who are.
American flag
God bless America, we surely need it now.

Report: Sen. Mike Morrell on can California be saved.

According to Sen. Mike Morrell speaking last night at the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly monthly meeting the answer is a resounding YES!  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it is going to take time and a lot of work.  Worse, the work we do cannot be a simple repetition of what we’ve been doing.  Sorry, kids, no immediate gratification, it is going to take long term planning and consistent work.

He said that he had been pressing Republicans for years for some kind of plan, which idea had been resisted until recently.  It was not immediately clear to this observer what that plan is, perhaps those higher in the Party structure might be able to enlighten us.

He pointed out that there many grass roots movements springing up in opposition to the Democrats’ insane progressive initiatives.  He mentioned several, among them: the school choice initiative (we had two representatives from School Choice in California with us last night), the antivax (vaccination hesitancy) movement, strong grass roots movements against California’s new sex education curriculum, and opposition to the new California law outlawing most independent contractors.  To increase the influence of Republican ideas it will be necessary for us to join with these kinds of groups and work with them to achieve their goals.  [Not as was done with the Tea Party, simply leverage them for funds, campaign workers and votes. Ed.]

Further, the planning process will have to involve assessing what is needed to grow the Party’s influence in a variety of categories: outreach, fundraising, retention, communications, social media, etc.  Republicans will have to put time and effort into these areas intentionally and consistently as individuals, contributing to whatever best suits their abilities and temperament.  [These activities will have to be planned, organized and prioritized, cannot be ad hoc or when nothing else is going on. Ed.]

The Democrats, he says, are organized, determined and playing to win.  For them winning is all important and they will do anything to insure victory.  The fact that their policies are neither good nor related in any way to common sense is not an obstacle to their determination to implement them.

He said that they are guided and protected by dark, spiritual powers against which normal human effort cannot avail.  That in fact we need to turn to our Creator for guidance and aid if we are to wrest control of California back on to a sane Constitutional path.  Therefore he has been making appeals to churches and educating groups of Pastors as to the nature of the issues we confront.  The churches, he says, must be approached and activated by education and persuasion.

He made two final points.  First, we cannot expect the youth to come to us, we must go to them.  Once they have been instructed in what the Constitution means and how it works they, by logical necessity, come on board.  We must find ways to approach the youth and pass our knowledge on because the schools won’t and if we don’t it will be lost.

Finally, he said, me must no longer be silent.  We are a polite, courteous people who prefer not to argue or make our views known in the presence of those who disagree.  Because we want peace and civility we don’t challenge the false narratives circulated by the Democrats.  If we expect victory without a fight we delude ourselves and are bound to fail.  We must speak out even when doing so is uncomfortable and risky.  At this point a member of the audience raised the objection that “we don’t know what to say, we need someone to give us talking points.”

On this point the meeting broke up.  Your correspondent accepts the challenge, and intends to use this space to provide information which members can use to argue the Republican view of what a sane, Constitutional polity can be.  The American Revolution can succeed when Americans do three things: 1. educate themselves; 2. pray; 3. speak.

Let’s be about it, then.

Restoring our youth’s minds = restoring America

Modern education has become a tragic joke.  One hundred years ago our grandparents and great grandparents were required to learn Latin in school to serve as one of the basics for transmitting Western Civilization.  What education inflicts on kids today is designed not only to undermine Western Civ but make it impossible for young people to receive the culture that made Americans a moral people and America the greatest nation the world has ever known.

It is necessary but insufficient to curse the darkness that our schools have become.  It is even more necessary to kindle a light.  Our young people’s minds must be fed with the intellectual and moral values that will make of them freedom loving Americans in a way that is not ham fistedly propagandistic.  I will suggest to you that they need to read classic stories as presented to earlier generations that will inspire, inform and enlighten.

These classics of literature for young people have become hard to find as they have been long out of print.  The late Jerry Pournelle published one such volume, the California Sixth Grade Reader, unfortunately only available in Amazon Kindle.

The 1914 California Sixth Grade Reader with classical stories and poems that every high school student studied in that era. The same stories were read in most states, and the American culture of that era was profoundly affected by these stories. They remain relevant to those who care about civilization and are part of our cultural heritage. They’re also good stories. The poems were once as popular as any TV series, and learning to read and enjoy great poetry, while hardly taught in schools now, was once another great part of our cultural heritage. The small amount of work invested in learning to enjoy poetry will last the rest of your life.

Now a new and better alternative is on the way.  The Junior Classics are being reprinted!  Please note that you will not be able to find this by searching the intenet, you will only find it at the link in the button above.  I very strongly urge parents to invest in this wonderful opportunity to shape your young peoples minds.  These are suitable gifts for kids whether attending public schools or being home schooled.  I warmly recommend them.  There is nothing better you can do for the youth of our nation that give them the mind of an American.

The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. The boy or girl who becomes familiar with the charming tales and poems in this collection will have gained a knowledge of literature and history that will be of high value in other school and home work. Here are the real elements of imaginative narration, poetry, and ethics, which should enter into the education of every child.

This collection, carefully used by parents and teachers with due reference to individual tastes and needs, will help many children enjoy good literature. It will inspire them with a love of good reading, which is the best possible result of any elementary education. The child himself should be encouraged to make his own selections from this large and varied collection, the child’s enjoyment being the object in view. A real and lasting interest in literature or in scholarship is only to be developed through the individual’s enjoyment of his mental occupations.


Just the facts of record, ma’am

I have had no great love for Glen Beck since even before he stuck his face in a bowl of Cheetos.  So I was surprised to see him show up on another site I frequent as that is not a political site at all.  Curious, I watched the video.  I’m glad I did.

I like being informed, and as citizen it also my duty be inform myself as much as possible on the issues of the day.  The principal reason I’ve maintained this site over the years is to pass on to you what I have discovered that I hope you will find worthy of your attention.

I believe that Back’s presentation here is worthy of your attention, of every American’s attention.  Love him or loathe him he can put together a pretty powerful presentation.  Below is the middle part of the presentation which lays out the facts, including where you can get the documentation that backs him up.  Below that is the full video with his introduction and conclusion.  If after you watch the first video you just want the conclusion I’ve attempted to cue that up in the second video, if it works, great, if not go the 1:30:00 mark.

Here is the full video (hopefully cued up for his conclusion at the 1:30:00 mark.  You can access the documentation at Beck’s site,  All the documents are linked at the bottom of the page.

Given that the Media don’t want this information known they are taking steps to limit its dissemination on twitter, Facebook and Youtube, so you might not see it at all.  If it doesn’t open on Youtube go directly to the Glenn Back site, it will probably still be accessible there.

The truth will make you free, but first it will make you miserable.  Adult beverages in moderation recommended.  Failing that here’s a pretty Ukranian girl to help take your mind off it.


Leakers ahoy!

I see the Donks are all atwitter because Trump has called the Ukraine phone call leaker a traitor deserving of a traitor’s reward.  Oh, the humanity!  The horror!  Poor leaker, don’t you just feel sorry for him, her or, these days, it?  What’s more, it seems we must disconnect Trump’s harsh words and the leaker’s terror (as if government employees fear anything from their bosses) from the context of these things or similarities to events of the past.

Why, I wonder, are we not allowed to bring up historical parallels? Perhaps because they are uncomfortably apposite, or so it seems to me.
The more I think about it the more convinced I am that there will be no civil war, at least not a kinetic one. There have been enough shenanigans by our elected representatives reported over the years to have catapulted the first generations of Americans into violent action against them. I recall that an early governor of New York was dragged from his home, tarred, feathered and ridden out on a rail and his house set afire. We are not the men our ancestor were, for both good and ill. It won’t get bloody until the food and fuel distribution systems break down, then it will be a Hobbesian war of all against all reminiscent of Bosnia in 1993 and Argentina in 2001.
How interesting that just a few days before the latest tempest in the Donk’s Desperation Teacup erupted, and after Rep. Adam ‘Schiffy’ Schiff had received the transcript of Trump’s phone conversation (but before he went on record totally misrepresenting what was said which was before – horrors! – Trump released the entire transcript so that the whole world could see the difference) the rules for whistleblowers were changed from requiring the whislteblower to have direct personal knowledge to hearsay, merely requiring that he had heard about some wrong doing second or third hand.
Hearsay is inadmissible in a court of law and always has been. But now we can use it as evidence to impeach a sitting President. Huh. How interesting. Now I’m thinking, how might that be weaponized against the next Democratic President. Hmmm? Silly Donks, always going for the short term kill shot (and often missing) without ever thinking that the torpedoes they launch might ever circle around to blow them up – unexpectedly.
For some reason Demoncrats think that Trump, as Republicans have generally done in the past, ought to cower and quiver and cave when confronted by the Party of Slavery and betrayed their Deep State Minions. I don’t really know why, though I am glad of it, but Trump didn’t get the memo. So yeah, the civil service which are under his direct authority and which he ought to be able to trust to loyally do the jobs they were hired to do are undermining and obstructing him and his Administration at every turn. He’s pissed, as well he should be, and he is saying so right out loud. That is the principal message of the treason remarks.
Of course it is treason, it ought to be stopped, hell, it ought never have started in the first place. And yes, those civil servants who betray the nation’s trust; note, not just Trump’s trust, the nation’s trust; have not only earned the threat of consequences but fully deserve the weighty consequences the law provides. “Pour encourager les autres.” Google it.
The fact that Lefties have lost their collective minds and that their revolt against the social compact that has characterized our national history to an unprecedented extent is evidence that the nation is already broken, and in my opinion, broken beyond repair. It is not Trump who has raised up the New KKK in black, Antifa. It is not Trump who has labeled anyone who disagrees with him a NAZI and called all such to be punched. It is not Trump who organized a cabal against legitimate national authority.
Can the nation be said to be whole and healthy when the only legitimate elections are those which Democrats win? Of course this giant temper tantrum over having lost and election Democrats thought it their Divine Right to win is only part of it. Trump is not as deeply implicated in the crimes that the Uniparty, it isn’t just Democrats, routinely commit with impunity. It is that he has threatened to expose them, and this they cannot allow. It is a preemptive war, bring him down before he brings them down.
Unfortunately for them the entire reason Trump was elected was that America’s preening, smug, sanctimonious elites have been recognized by America’s Deplorables – note who said that – as venal, incompetent buffoons, that regard ordinary citizens with contempt and whose interests in no way figure in their lofty dystopian dreams. He was elected to break the system. The tragedy is that he has not yet done so.  The hope is that he yet will.

New Data Confirms Findings of “Missing” Mail Ballots in California’s 2018 Midterm

Government report shows surge in provisional voting driven by mail voters who had to vote at the polls.

Santa Clarita, Calif. –The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in Julypublished quantitative data fromthe 2018 Midterm’s Election Administration and Voting Survey, whichmeasuresvoter registration and voting activity for all counties in the country. Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa)analyzed the California countiesand today reported that the EAC data confirms its earlier-published report thatsignificant numbers of vote-by-mail (VBM) ballotswere not delivered to votersin California’s 2018 midterm election. EIPCa’sreport, titled “Failures in California’s 2018 Midterm Election Demand Serious Investigation,”*documented that thousands of VBM voters did not receive their ballots in that election. Many of these voters instead came to the polls but had to vote provisionally because they had no VBM ballotsto surrender. Importantly, unknown is how manypeopledid not votebecause they did not receive their VBM ballots.EIPCa’s report summarized whatits observerswitnessed at polling places in just eight of 58 counties on November 6, 2018.In a small sampling (2-10%)of polling places in the eight counties, the poll observers documentedover 1,300vote-by-mail voters who came to the polls to vote because they did not receive their VBM ballots in the mail. Forced to vote provisionally, many became worried or convincedtheir votes would not be counted. The new EAC data confirms thatin Los Angeles Countyalone,three times as many provisional ballots were cast in 2018 than inthe 2014 midterm.At the time, the county election office spokesperson admittedto the mediathat most of the surge was due tothose“listed as vote-by-mail voters who didn’t havemail ballots with themto surrender”.**
The new EAC report***confirms thatmost of LA County’sprovisional voting was driven by vote-by-mail voters without a ballot to surrender. According to the EAC, 282,240 Los Angeles County vote-by-mail voters that actually came to the pollshad to voteprovisionally in that election, accounting for two-thirds of all provisional ballots cast. Similar patterns of VBM voters forced to voteprovisionally were seen inEAC and VoteCal data for San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, Fresno, Humboldt, San Franciscoand San Joaquin counties. 2018 is the first year that this statistic has been required by the EAC, so there are no comparative figures from previous elections. The increase in provisional voting may bepartially explained by increased overall voter turnout. Statewide voterturnout in the 2018midtermdid increase by 60% over the 2014 midterm;however,provisional voting increased by 221%. Mirroring Los Angeles County, two-thirds of all provisional ballots cast in California were VBM voters forcedto vote provisionally. EIPCa is undertaking a county-by-county inquiry and analysis to answer, among other questions, why so many requested VBM ballots were not delivered to voters in 2018. This mustbe prevented in California’s 2020 election cycle.“The data from the Election Assistance Commission underscores our concerns that there was a systemic breakdown in the delivery of mail ballots to voters in several counties in 2018,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine.“We are especially concerned about vote-by-mail voters who did not vote because they did not receive their ballots.I encourage vote-by-mailvoterswho did not receive theirmail ballotsin the 2018 election to contact us and tell us their stories.”

# # #

EIPCa is a non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer organization. For over 8 years it has researched and observed California elections to provide citizen oversight to ensure that the state and its counties are complying with laws that protect the integrity of elections. For a full list of counties, go to:


click here for link to download pdf

*Failures in California’s 2018 Midterm Election Demand Serious Investigation

** Provisional Ballots Surged In LA County. If You Cast One, Here’s What To Know_what_to_know