California primary recommendations

Someone (finally!) pointed out that there was no way to make a comment on this blog.  That is now fixed, I hope.  Don’t be a cyber-flower, let me and others know what you think.

We might actually stand a chance to get something done this time around.  The Donks have got a big, hot 11 way race for governor going (at least that was the situation this morning).  Of course just a few of those stand a chance of breaking the low single digits, but the big dogs, Gavin ‘Noisome’ Newsom, Antonio ‘Tony Villar’ Villaraigosa, Michael ‘Nuke’ Shellengerger and Amanda ‘Aren’t I Adorable’ Renteria will each probably pull in solid double digits.  To them I say, “Let’s you and those guys fight.”  To you I say, let ’em fight.

Which means that Republicans get to choose between Travis Allen and John Cox.  These two get to split what the Democrats don’t get.  So I’m going to quote an email sent out by Howard Hyde, President of the Southern California Republican Women & Men.

The Republican Primary is Over
President’s Message
by Howard Hyde

Friends, we are barely more than two weeks ahead of the 2018 General election. Yes, I said General, because at least at the top of the ticket in California, it could be over for us after June 5. And if we don’t have a draw at the top of the ticket, our down-ticket candidates will suffer.

And we are actually closer than two weeks as some people are already mailing in their ballots. So TODAY is our last chance to resolve to survive through November and beyond.

Six or more months ago, leaders of clubs like ours and the official party organizations acknowledged that in the absence of a fair primary election, we Republicans were going to have to have our own less official one(s) via pre-primary endorsements and other rallying milestones. These have yielded unity around such excellent candidates as Mark Meuser for Secretary of State and Kenneth Wright for CD 33.

But unity eludes us in the Governor’s race. A show of hands at our club some months ago showed Travis Allen to be the favorite, but at our endorsement meeting in March, the majority (but not the required supermajority) went to John Cox. Similarly, Cox won a substantial lead over Allen at the California GOP convention last month in San Diego, but fell short of the 60% majority required for the endorsement of the party.

Most of the polls I have seen show Cox ahead of Allen, and the buzz from every personal political connection that I find credible is that Cox will out-poll Allen at the ballot box June 5.

My personal favorite has been Allen since I met both candidates at the same American Freedom Alliance event last summer and has remained Allen at every subsequent encounter to this day. I consider Allen a personal friend. But with Cox clearly ahead of Allen and both of them behind Villaraigosa in some polls, I believe Republicans must unite behind the Republican who has a fighting chance to get past June. I hope my pro-Allen friends will see it this way and vote and deploy their resources accordingly. At the May 26 meeting of the Southern California Republican Women and Men, I urge the members to confirm this with an official endorsement (two thirds of members present required).

The idea of pre-primary endorsement has from the beginning meant that many of us will have to vote our second or third choice in order to survive the primary and fight another day. That day is now upon us.

Save your hate mail; send me facts. If they are convincing, I will change my tune. Do not tell me that Allen is the superior candidate with the best legislative track record and the most Reaganesque and Trumpian credentials and Cox is an interloping Establishment-picked monied Chicago carpet-bagger who didn’t vote for Trump. Tell me why, factually, Allen will garner more votes than Cox.

The primary is over. A vote for a candidate without a chance is a vote for two Democrats in the General. Let us not, under a pretense of “voting our conscience”, hold out for such a disaster.

P.S. UPDATE: I wrote all of that long before Donald Trump tweeted his endorsement [of Cox]. But there is the virtual writing on cyber wall.

So, I’m for Cox because, above all else, I’m for victory.

As for other races, more in a moment.  I need hardly tell you to vote for ANY Republican you can find because no matter how personally odious any one might be they’ll be better than ANY Commie with a D behind his name.  Yes, a lot of them are total squishes, but once they are IN then you can and should begin exercising your Civic Authority and influencing them.  More on Civic Authority to follow.

But first, Judges.  Usually no one has any idea who these folks are and how (or sometimes, even IF) they think.  Interested persons have done some research of which we are the beneficiaries.

JUDGES; Judges of the Superior Court; County of Los Angeles; The candidates recommended have been viewed by a combination of Conservative Voters and Independent Reviewers. Where named, they appear to be conservative and not “Political Activists”.

Office No: 04;……………………………..Alfred A. Colleta

Office No: 16;…………………..No Recommendation

Office No: 20;……..…………..No Recommendation

Office No: 60;………………………….Ben Colella

Office No: 63;…………………..Judge Malcom Mackey

Office No: 113;………………………Michael P. Ribons

Office No: 118;………………………Troy Davis

Office No: 126;………………………………….Ken Fuller

Office No: 146;…………………………….Armando Duron


Proposition 68; NO (California Parks, Environment, and Water Bond- would issue a $4 billion general obligation bond, with a 3.5% interest rate over 30 years, bringing the bill to the taxpayers up to $6.4 billion total.) 

Proposition 69; NO (Transportation Taxes and Fees Lockbox and Appropriations Limit Exemption Amendment- states that Senate Bill 1 revenue from diesel taxes will be placed in a “lockbox” and used only for transportation fund purposes.)

Proposition 70; NO (Vote Requirement to Use Cap and Trade Funds Amendment- would require a one-time vote in 2024 by a 2/3rds legislative majority to allocate state Cap and Trade program revenue.)

Proposition 71; YES (Effective Date of Ballot Measures Amendment- changes the date for when voter approved ballot measures take effect from the day after the election to the fifth day after the Secretary of State certifies the election.)

Proposition 72; YES (Rainwater Capture Systems Excluded from Property Tax Assessment- would exclude any new rainwater capture structures from property value tax reassessment from counting as a new structure.) 

I have said before and will undoubtedly say again that electing candidates, even good, solid candidates doesn’t do us a bit of good unless some of us are consistently exercising our Civic Authority.  In today’s topsy-turvy world these people are led to believe that they are our leaders.  Nothing is, nor should be, further from the truth.  They are our representatives, WE,the People are and ought to be their leaders.  We must not forget that nor allow them to forget it.

This means at least a few of us need to form teams to insure that the influence of the People who elected them is ever present in their minds.  Once elected they are entering an environment that has been specifically designed to corrupt them and make them into obedient little minions of powerful interests inimical to our own.  When we allow this to happen, as we have, we get what we deserve, as we have.  We have abdicated our Civic Authority so completely that have forgotten that such a thing even exists.

The best way to reclaim Civic Authority and to exercise it effectively is to take the series of classes offered by the Center for Self Governance. They have an excellent program to get you from being a passive observer that goes to the polls once in a while to being a powerful citizen activist, and do it so it doesn’t take all your time and energy.

By the way, more volunteers to carry our banners are needed for the Memorial Day parade.  Now that the comments are fixed you can use them to volunteer.

Stop by the Republican Voter Registration booth on Sunday’s Farmer’s Market in Montrose.

It’s late, and my whiskey calls.  See you guys on Sunday.

Upcoming events

For myself, I’m very glad to be done with jury duty.  I had already put it off enough times that this time they sent me the notice with a big OR ELSE prominently displayed.  Bo-o-o-oring.  Especially as I was never even called for a panel.  I brought my own reading material so it was time well misspent.  It would have been even better misspent had I brought my own cantina, but on sober reflection I decided to save on bail.

The first item on the agenda is the Republican voter registration booth at the Montrose Farmer’s Market this Sunday.  This had been cancelled due to sickness and injury, but we are on again.  You can see previous posts about this here and here.  God willing and the creek don’t rise we hope to see you there cheering the team on.

Next, the La Canada Memorial Day Parade. That is going to kick off on Memorial Day observed, May 28 at 10:30 from Memorial Park, 1301 Foothill Blvd.  I discovered that we are weeks too late to enter a vehicle in the parade, as they need to be registered and paid for well in advance.  In years past this was handled by Marvin and Mary Owen whose organizational moxie now resides in Kentucky.  To date no one with comparable organizational skills has turned up.  So last year Club turnout was pretty disappointing.  So I’m making a plea to members to show up and march.  I’ll be there and I hope some will join me.  I realize that none of us are as chipper as we used to be so maybe y’all could deputize your grand kids.

I confess that I have seldom been one to shy away from infuriating the opposition.  I find it passing strange that so few share my enjoyment of this form of entertainment.  Tactically, I think, invisibility is not going to put the Republican message across.  Nor will playing by the Marquess of Queensbury Rules when the opposition are unprincipled, bloody minded thugs – Orcs with better teeth.  Besides, no matter what we say or do the perpetually offended will be whining about how offended they are.  As my mother used to say, “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.”

So I bought some banners for the parade.

  1. Republican – the Party for People Who Think
  2. Make California Great Again
  3. Defend the Children, Exercise the 2nd Amendment

At this point I don’t have anybody besides myself to carry them so I’m considering three options:

  1. Call for volunteers – if that doesn’t work
  2. Hire some High School kids – if that doesn’t work
  3. Hire some casual labor at Home Depot

So I’m calling for volunteers.

As these banners are designed to get people’s attention and provoke a peaceful, and as Orcs don’t understand ‘peaceful’ too well, they might get frisky.  So I’m hoping that there will be several loyal Republicans scattered along the parade route with cell phones at the ready to catch over-enthusiastic Donks on camera.  Just in case.

Expect some phone calls.  If you aren’t on my ‘nice’ list and would like to be, drop me a line at

Karl Denninger has a significant post over at the Market Ticker on why everyone should have not one but two modern semi-automatic rifles with several standard capacity (20-30 rounds) magazines.  Among other points he examines the mathematical probability that any given individual American citizen will have need of them during their lifetimes.  I can’t fault his math (never my strong suit to begin with, you check it and let me know), and it is higher than I would have thought.  That is especially true now that the wild-eyed partisans of the Dark Temple of Socialism see their gains of the last 20 years slipping away under the current administration’s knife.

Let’s not mince words: Eric Swalwell is advocating for Civil War.

Instead, we should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons, we should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law, and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons. The ban would not apply to law enforcement agencies or shooting clubs.


The Parkland teens have taught us there is no right more important than every student’s right to come home after class. The right to live is supreme over any other.

Right here, Mr. Sawlwell is advocating for a civil war — right now.

He is in fact advocating for millions of murders.

He is claiming as justification exactly the same argument made for keeping slaves — that some people are superior to others.

Mr. Swalwell claims that the right to live is supreme over any other.

The problem is that without disarming everyone — including every weapon, and that includes the police, he is declaring that this right only exists for certain people and not others and he intends to murder anyone who disagrees with them.

Marxist fanatics have always considered themselves to be morally superior and have no problem not only saying so, not only jamming that putative moral superiority down everybody’s throat, but using everything from intimidation to extermination to silence anyone who dares so much as hint otherwise.  I will go so far as to declare that Marxism is a religion that thrives, can only thrive, on human sacrifice.  This is the principal tenet it shares with Islam.  Whose lives they cannot blight they must destroy.

What is the risk of, for example, contracting cancer during your lifetime?  The answer is about 38.5%.

What is the risk of needing an AR-15 to survive a severe civil conflict (defined as revolution or civil war) during your 62 adult years, given the history of such conflicts on the landmass known today as United States since people of white European-ancestry have been in permanent residence upon same?

The math is simple: 1 – (cumulative odds of NOT having it happen over 62 years), or in arithmetic notation 1 – (0.9949 ^ 62)

Ready for the result?

It’s 27.17% — higher than your house flooding if you live in a 100 year flood plain.

What if we keep taking in immigrants who refuse to assimilate and we become more socialist much as Europe has done over the last several hundred years — and our risk in fact looks like theirs based on the last 100 years?  What is the risk you will need that AR-15 during your adult lifetime in that case, which I think is a fair argument on the risk we take today given that we refuse to secure our borders and expel those who are here illegally now, never mind taking in “refugees” who are not required to demonstrate their respect for and intent to honor our Constitutional protections?

Sitting down?


Unlike Obamacare which insists that you can buy medical insurance even after you’ve been diagnosed with a medical problem you could not otherwise afford to alleviate, you won’t be able to buy a gun, let alone a suitable gun, with which to defend yourself once the road apples hit the fan.  We were blessed with Constitution Care, which, while providing for the possibility of catastrophe, is aimed at pro-acively preventing it.

Indeed it is likely that the pre-NFA state of the law prior to the 1930s is why America has a risk of such war or revolution that is one quarter of that of other developed and similar cultures and nations — specifically, the entirety of Europe, Central and South America, Africa and most of Asia.  That’s the vast majority of land-mass on this planet.

But in today’s world with people like Eric Swalwell in Congress and our de-facto refusal to demand that any who wish to immigrate to the United States do so only under the expectation and belief that they agree with the Constitution in all respectsthe risk in the United States of you needing that rifle today is much more-likely to be akin to that of someone who lives in Europe.

You don’t need one AR-15, in short.

Every adult in fact needs two or more of them because during your adult life you’re odds on to experience the very unfortunate set of events that will require you own and have a working one, right now, or you and all of those who you love will be dead.

We all owe God a death, but there’s no reason to hurry it.  In the same way all civilizations die, but there’s no reason to allow Commie fanatics to hurry ours along.  That is why every initiative coming from the Neo-Marxist dominated Left MUST be opposed.  Everything they propose is designed to strangle our happiness, our liberty and, ultimately, our very lives.  You would never grant permission for someone who was strangling you to squeeze a little more on the grounds that, well, it’s not really enough to quite kill me, but really, that’s it, no more.  We’ve been doing that for sixty years, how long do you propose to let it go on?

They will take everything if you let them.  So don’t you let them.

Marching morons marching on

I found this graphic on an old friend’s Facebook page. I wasn’t aware that the religious right was saying anything about them. In fact I don’t see the religious right as a thing doing much of anything since the collapse of the moral majority over thirty years ago. Mueller, in fact, is no choir boy himself, being a committed partisan using the power of the FBI to wage lawfare against the enemies of the left.

Not that it really matters that he is an effective soldier in the cabal among the highest placed aristos in the land to effect a coup against a legally elected President of the US.  Despite having run Trump and Trump’s associates through a fine tooth comb has yet to unearth the slightest thread of evidence that Trump and the Russians had colluded to steal the 2016 election from the Hilldabeast. It was Hillary’s election to lose and she lost it, much to my surprise and delight. All she had to do was to make a campaign swing through Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, as her husband suggested and it would have been hers. But no, it’s in the bag so why bother.  Oops.

In the lead up to the election the Hillary campaign hires an outfit to do oppo research on Trump, which hires a lawyer who hires an ex spy who happened to be on the FBI payroll who whomps up an unsourced and unverified Russian naughty boy story which the FBI knows is a pack of baloney but never the less uses it in three attempts (first two the judge says No Dice, get real) to get a FISA warrant because the third time they ‘forgot’ to mention the source. So the FBI is surveilling an American citizen who just happens to be the Republican candidate for President. Sweet.

All this is behind the scenes but the media knows about it because of the whole kit and caboodle of them hate anything that stands in the way of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and this Trump guy they thought was going to be so easy for Hillary to beat isn’t going down according to script so something has to be done to whip the electorate into and anti Trump frenzy. So James Clapper, head of the CIA briefs Trump on the existence of Pee Pee dossier, which briefing he can mention to the press and so of course the press runs with it and its wall to wall Pee Pee dossier but the public goes, ‘Ho hum’ and the October Surprise is a total bust. Then Hillary loses and starting 24 hours after her defeat its been Russia collusion ever since.

So, Mueller, old buddy, you’ve been sifting Trump for almost a year and a half and all you’ve got is Paul Manafort, who briefly worked on the Trump campaign, didn’t make proper disclosures ten years ago. That’s gotta mean you’ve got bupkis, buddy. And, yeah, you’ve got that dogged hound dog face and I’m sure you’re willing to keep going for as long as it takes to find something – ANYTHING – to pull Trump down and restart the Vanguard of History rolling inexorably towards the Glorious World of Next Tuesday and the Worker’s Paradise. But seriously, dude, wouldn’t it save time to scare up an Oswald? Your buds Peter Sztrok and Lisa Page have already made the suggestion. I know you guys are looking into it. Is it maybe because you haven’t been able to pick up all the AR-15s so it might get a little dicey there? Don’t worry, I don’t have an AR-15 and I really don’t want one, so you’re safe from me on that count.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, who’d ‘a thought that that Clinton Foundation lawyer guy, what’s his name – Comey, yeah, him, who’d ‘a thought he would turn out to be such a prima donna panty waist? I would have thought you would pull his chain short before he totally discredits the FBI. Maybe an Oswald for him too. I mean, geez, if Hillary can figure it out 200 plus times I’m sure that with her help you can too.

I’m pretty sure that I speak for the religious and irreligious both when I say, “Jesus, enough already! We lived through eight years of Saint Barry O we can live through a few years of Trump too.”

Well of course Trump’s going to dismantle a lot of the ant-American squid that Bizzarro #0 and his Deep State Dipsh!ts put in place and that most of you closet Commies are getting long in the tooth and won’t be around to see the Grand Triumph of Socialism but, hey, even though you were for the most part too busy tearing down the Principal Enemy to actually raise a pack of kids, there are going to be plenty of deluded fanatics to follow in your footsteps.  So don’t worry about it, the Cause will be carried Forward on the shoulders of thousands Marching Morons.

That’s what colleges and universities are for, right?


The get out the vote effort at Montrose Farmer’s Market has been cancelled as of early this morning due to unexpected illness of the principal organizers and stuff-haulers.  This is very regrettable as there is very little time left to prepare of the June primaries.  More as it becomes available.

Get out the vote

No, we have not disbanded.  In fact we are quite eager to get out the vote in the up-coming primary election (June 5th.)

The La Crescenta Valley Republican Women’s Federated has arranged to have a booth at the Farmers’ Market in Montrose this next Sunday (May 6th) and then again May 20th and June 3rd from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The RCOTF very much supports the Republican Women’s Federated who will be registering voters, answering questions, and handing out materials given to us by the candidates of the many offices that appear on the ballot this election.  So I am asking the Club members to support these fine Republican ladies by your presence.

They need a man or two who could either help us set up the awning, table, and furnishings at 8 o’clock Sunday morning or help them put them away at 2 that afternoon. (Any one, two or three of the dates, depending on your availability.)

They also need someone (guys or gals) interested in the election to help tend the booth. Depending on how many members offer to do that, we could arrange to do shifts, rather than having one person cover all six hours. All we need to know in order to set up the shifts is what time you have available to offer to the cause.

So please give this some thought and see if you can make a bit of time in your schedule to support our club in this effort.

Address: 2338-2312 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020

If you would like to volunteer please either let us know by replying to the Club email: or in the comments section below, or you could just show up at the booth at the appointed hour.

On a slightly different topic, you might be interested to know that the Club is also considering participating in the Memorial Day Parade, as we have so often done in the past.  If you happen to have a vintage car to offer for showing off and giving members a ride down the parade route or if you’d just like to participate in that event, please either let us know by replying to the Club email: or in the comments section below.

Being the instigator that I am I’m thinking of commissioning a couple of banners to generate interest in the Club at the parade.  One banner might read: DEFEND THE CHILDREN – EXERCISE THE 2ND AMENDMENT.  Another might be: REPUBLICAN: THE PARTY FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK.  Still another might be: FREE SPEECH FOR FREE PEOPLE – PC SPEECH FOR SLAVES.  So here’s a poll, which do you like better?  If you have suggestions of your own by all means pass them along as outlined above.

You Have Already Voted For This Poll!!

Your preferred parade banners

Why these questions?  Because these are the issues of the day; they are relevant and they are hot.  They are designed to get attention and provoke controversy.  Let me know which of these suggestions you like best:
 I love it  I like  It's ok  I don't know  I don't like it

Total voters: 2




  50%    50%              


  50%                50%  

No, damn it!  Don’t just click away, move your lazy mouse and vote!


The caravan of asylum seekers has reached our southern border and they want in.  Why don’t they seek asylum in Mexico, which is a country in which they would be safe from whatever wicked regime was persecuting them?  Because Mexico doesn’t have a welfare system for non-Mexicans.  Mexican welfare is for Mexicans only, and is pretty bare bones at that.  So, no handouts in Mexico, the pot of gold is north of the Rio Grande.

Turns out that Mexico has pretty stringent border controls on their southern border, and a fence too.  They don’t take kindly to folks who just traipse across it, they send them back PDQ and make their displeasure felt.  So how is it that a small army of ‘asylum seekers’ got across the Mexican border and weren’t kicked right back out?  How is it that all these people wended their way through Mexico unmolested by either the Narcos or the Federales, were guided, fed, sheltered and made famous on US TV screens?  The reporting on this pretty much leads one to conclude that these folks gathered and began their trek spontaneously. WARNING!  DO NOT DRINK AND READ THE FOLLOWING AS IT MAY BE DANGEROUS FOR YOUR KEYBOARD’S HEALTH! How is it that entire platoons of good hearted lawyers are stepping up to give these destitute caravaners pro bono legal advice?

B.S.  This was conceived, planned, organized, is being maintained and directed by someone.  Who?  I can pretty well tell you that it isn’t the Mexican government, officials in the Mexican government are being paid off to facilitate it.  The size of the project means that a lot of officials had to be paid off at all levels; nothing moves in Mexico without somebody’s palm being greased.  I’m not interested in who’s taking the money, everybody’s taking money, guaranteed, what interests me is who’s shelling it out, who’s the fixer and who’re the bagmen.  Oops, how sexist of me, I meant to say “bagpersons.”  So sorry.

A word to Lefties who want to be outraged that I, who lived in Mexico for 14 years, should be so racist as to suggest that Mexican officials take bribes: ¡No seas pendejo, cabrón!

I’m sure that someone in the Administration has asked these elementary questions and has the answers.  I would like so suggest that the Administration send hard eyed, unsmiling men to make these people compelling offers to either desist or have it bruited about that they will be scheduled to testify against Hillary in Federal Court next week.

Another question comes to mind: what is the purpose of mounting this astroturf extravaganza?  The short answer: Usher in the Communist Revolution and set up the dictatorship of the proletariat elites.

For one thing, it is going to energize the useful idiots who truly think that the US has a moral obligation to indiscriminately welcome the wretched refuse of every sh!t hole country’s teeming shore.  This is Jorge Ramos’ schtick.  So the Dem’s base gets excited and feels like the Party is saving the world.  Which leads to more Birkenstocks on the ground and dollars in the coffers.  This is working, albeit not as well as hoped.

It attempts to frame the Administration as cruel because it forces these poor, deserving people to remain outside in less than standard American middle class circumstances.  This is intended to foment a public backlash that will embarrass the Administration and force them to relax their immigration policy.  This is not working so far.

In the long term it will create more Donk voters to legitimize their hold on power unto the ages of the ages.  This is an ongoing effort and it is successful.

In the short term this will force governments to spend more money and resources dealing with these people, weakening the system and helping to drive into collapse.  I’m surprised they aren’t teaching them O Susanah and making it the official marching song.

As the majority of these people will never integrate it will continue to dilute American culture, changing it beyond recognition or recovery.  Successful so far.

This is one of the great ills that Trump pledged to end.  So far so good, but faster please.




Addendum;  In your charity won’t you please pray for my sister-in-law?  Her lower rear molar was pulled last week and it was discovered that the tissue underneath was black – necrotic.  As yet no diagnosis nor prognosis.  Her name is Becky.

Progressivism marches on

No, they will never quit.  The Marching Morons of Mordor will not rest until they’ve suffocated all of us and begin slitting each other’s throats for an encore.  The luminous darkness of their perverted faith drives them on, blindly, irrevocably, shouting their unholy sacred shibboleths as they go.  “What do we want?”  “Dead everything!”  When do we want it?”  “We want it now!”

Of course California leads the way, once again a proudly flaunted dystopian model for the rest of nation.  Its nothing new, really, we’ve seen it so many times over the last few years.  Now the California legislature intends to ban books, books that contain a particular kind of Wrong Think.  Books that advocate for (shudder) Christian sexual ethics.  I know, I can hear you crying out, “Oh, the humanity!” as I did myself. From the article by David French linked above:

Yes, ban the sale of books.

Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in “a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that advertise, offer to engage in, or do engage in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.”

The bill then defines “sexual orientations change efforts” as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

Christians find their identity in Christ, not in their gender and not in their sexual orientation. The state of California says no. Your gender and your orientation are your identity, and you should engage in actions that celebrate and ratify your alleged essence. The state is creating a new religion of sexual libertinism, declaring that religions opposing it aren’t just false but harmful, and then prohibiting contrary religious exercise.

Despite the obvious constitutional problems and despite its obvious intolerance for the Christian ethics of millions of its citizens, the bill is presently sailing through — passing two committee votes by 8–2 and 8–1 margins. It may come up for an Assembly vote as soon as this Thursday.

French is right in saying that the State is establishing an official and exclusive State Religion, though I don’t think it is a religion of sexual libertinism.  Sexual libertinism is just one of the doctrines of this religion.  It is the religion of Unholy Progressivism, also known as Marxism, Socialism, or Communism.  It apes Christian love and compassion as it subverts and inverts it.

Another thing French has right, the Left’s goal is to defeat and dominate, to plant Orwell’s famous boot in a human face forever.  Lest it be unclear, this is not some theory that applies to someone else.  You may not be interested in the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (really the Dictatorship of the Well Heeled and Politically Connected, as history has always shown), but the Dictatorship of the Proletariat is interested in you.  They are coming for us, for me and for you, they just can’t help themselves.

So its time to get on the horn to your legislators in Sacramento and let them know what you think.  You may say, “Oh, they don’t listen to me anyway.”  If you were by yourself that would be true.  That is just exactly what they want you to think, “Its just me, there is nothing I can do so I may as well do nothing.”  B.S.  But you are not by yourself, and you won’t be by yourself.  Pass the word, and to it pronto.  The more folks call – CALL! – there will come a threshold point at which even these insane clowns can’t remain clueless, secure as they are in their sanctimonious self-satisfaction, in the face of massive public opposition.  So call the SOBs and give them a piece of your mind, you’ll still have plenty left over.  And I say, and will write about it in the future, get ready to mount some serious civil disobedience.

So to follow up on previous posts, I did indeed to to the range yesterday with my new Springfield M1A SoCom.  A very nice shooting gun.  I sent 100 rounds downrange and really made the IRS agents down there nervous.  Too bad there weren’t any Loony Lefties, at least that I could see.

Oh, the humanity.

Just sayin’.

Time’s up, its Tax Day

Ugh.  Here it is again.  I feel just like a kid again, sitting at the dinner table while the one, awful, revolting vegetable stares back at me, getting colder and colder while Mom glares at me and reminds me again that I don’t have permission to leave the table until I’ve finished my vegetables.  Even if it takes all night.  I would have preferred to go to bed hungry, but its too late for that, the rest of dinner was fine.  Which must have been doubly infuriating for her as I was the ONE of her five kids that would otherwise eat anything and everything.  THEY all got to leave the table, vegetables eaten or not, but not me, no, because as the eldest I had to set an example for the rest.

So I’d sit there until I couldn’t stand it any more, usually because either there was something good on TV, which I couldn’t see but could hear just fine, or I had to go to the bathroom.  Eventually it came to a point where I would have to steel myself and, gagging, with tears in my eyes, choke down at least some of the cold, horrible mess so that I could get on with life.  The one time I got away with not eating it was that awful eggplant, which I promptly up chucked back on to the plate.  Once Mom saw that she gave up and let me go.  She was not happy about it, let me tell you.

But today, knowing that Uncle Sam is nowhere near as merciful as Mom (and she was merciless, let me tell you!), I must pony up.  So I’ll do what I usually do and file an extension until my friend and former Navy shipmate is no longer swamped (he’s a tax preparer).  So I’ll haul my paperwork over to his place, he’ll work on my taxes while I make him one of my world famous alcoholic cream pies.  Then we’ll hoist a few and tell sea stories.

So after I’ve choked out that bit of paperwork I have something special planned for today.  Its off to the range for me.  I have bought a new rifle and it seems apposite to fire a few rounds downrange, just to show the bastids.  Just to remind me who’s in charge here.  You may call me dreamer, given how deep the government has sunk its hooks in me, in all of us.  Yes, I too am a dreamer.  I dream of America free from the mental and spiritual chains against which I have often railed in these electronic pages.

But unlike the permanently delusional lunatics on the Left, my dream has a basis in reality.  The only way to insure that the American Dream stays real, and becomes even more real is to exercise a citizen’s rights and duties, early and often.  A few days ago I wrote the following:

So it occurs to me that that some members of the Republican Club of the Foothills might be interested in exercising their 2nd Amendment rights at the Angels Shooting Ranges on April 17, which just happens to be Income Tax Day this year. I propose to be out there at about 12.00 noon or shortly after, just to discharge a little frustration at being so viciously bled, and have a good time sending hot lead downrange. I will bring a lunch and stay till 2.00 pm. So bring your shootin’ irons, get some much needed practice and have a fun time. Besides, if the info on the website is correct, old codgers get a discount on Tuesdays. Not, mind you, that I admit to being an old codger.

Date and time: April 17, 2018, 12 Noon-ish to 2.00 PM.

Address: 12651 N. Little Tujunga Canyon Road., Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

Hope to see you there.  We’ll show the bastids.

Last chance to RSVP for Thursday’s Women’s Federated event

Click the image for a .pdf of the flyer

The La Canada Valley Republican Women’s Federated is having their monthly meeting on April 12, 2018 at the Oakmont Country Club. This month’s featured speaker is Evan Sayat.

Date: Thursday April 12, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM Social, 11:30 kickoff

Location: Oakmont Country Club, 3100 Country Club Dr. in Glendale.

Cost: $30

RSVP by April 9, 2018 to either Ellen 818-248-0924 or Joan 818-790-0014 Please note that you must RSVP by that date if you expect to eat.

You don’t want to face our current political mess either hungry or sober. Please note that this is NOT a BYOB event, which, for the excessively literal minded, is said in jest. The LCVRWF will provide neither booze nor hankies.