End the “Equality Act”

update on “Equality Act” (see gone2far.org) Rules committee had hearings
today. Big business/ big money is pushing HR 5. Up hill fight money is
ruling the day. We must step up our opposition. We’ve got to find a way to
hold the Republicans in the House. Scalise is our best bet to whip up the
Republicans to stand in unity against this bill.
Steve Scalise
Phone: (202) 225-3015
Twitter: @stevescalise
Call him, tweet him to hold the Republicans together.

Make this a priority. Money is on their side.
Word is they are targeting Lamar Alexander, counting on Collins, and
We are targeting Alexander with phone calls.

Phone: (202) 224-4944

Upcoming GBRA meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM – Registration and Social Hour
Where: The La Crescenta Woman’s Club
4004 La Crescenta Avenue, La
Crescenta, CA 91214
$25 per person / $40 per couple
Catered Kebab Dinner & Desserts – Beer/Wine, Cash Bar: 6:30 – 7:00 PM
and Music by Sonny Sardo
Speaker program 7:30 – 8:30 PM
Bill Saracino: italys1son@aol.com
Lois Billings 626-823-4679
GBRA Meetings held Monthly on the 4th Wednesday – 6:30 PM Registration and Social Hour

So little time

So much going on and me spinning like a top.  First and foremost, news from the LAUSD.  The Los Angeles Unified School District is jumping the shark and going off the rails.

First, LAUSD is backing proposition EE in the election on June 4th. A  yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the district to levy an annual parcel tax—a kind of property tax based on units of property rather than assessed value—for 12 years at the rate of $0.16 per square foot of building improvements to fund educational improvements, instruction, and programs.  It started out as $0.16 per square foot of habitable space, but it moved to per square foot of improvements; that’s a lot of mission creep!  They are doing this because, despite the claims of educational improvements, they have a huge problem funding their retirements programs.  Not only have they made unsustainable promises they have (surprise!) mismanaged what they already had.  We’re the suckers they want to pick up the shortfall.  It was placed on the ballot now in the hopes that the traditionally low turnout in the off year election will enable them to slip it past a generally disinterested and distracted electorate.

Next, our educational commissars are at it again!

Sacramento — California has overhauled its guidance for teaching sex education in public schools, encouraging teachers to talk about gender identity with kindergartners and give advice to help LGBT teens navigate relationships and practice safe sex. LGBT advocates praised the new recommendations for giving such attention to a community that often is left out of sex education policies.

All this garbage is pushed on us by the lunatic adherents of an anti human civilization destroying millenarian death cult. A couple of resources for y’all: https://www.schoolchoice2020.org/ and http://aib2b.org/resources/curriculum-changes/ which looks like a business site but is more than that. And you might also be interested in http://www.ruthinstitute.org/ and her Manifesto for the Family.

Yesterday President Trump gave a pretty good speech on immigration.  The most interesting thing about this proposal is that he did not consult lawmakers about any of its provisions, rather law enforcement and immigration professionals.  The result, though not as restrictive of immigration as I would have hoped, is clear and practical.  Now, of course, it gets handed over to Congress to turn it into legislation sausage.  That should keep them busy enough so that other things can be done while they squabble.

Meanwhile the Barr investigation of the Mueller investigation continues apace, and continues to provide lots of popcorn worthy entertainment.  With the appointment of John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, the uncovering will pick up speed.  The Dems, of course, are in terror for their lives, many of which, if justice is served, will spend their golden years in prison.  I sure hope Barr, Durham and the gang have great Secret Service protection.  We wouldn’t want any of them to hide the gun with which they committed suicide the day before they were due to testify, would we?  I’m looking at you, Hillary.

There is even international fallout from this.  It seems that Salvini in Italy has suddenly asked for the resignation of the Deputy Directors of six major Italian intelligence services.  Rumor has it that Italy is about to give up the goods on former CIA director Brennan!  I have no clue what that’s about, but it sounds like good news for the good guys.

Interesting times.

Beware the big stick

The USS Abraham Lincoln has been ordered into Persian Gulf area along with an Air Force bomber group setting up the Big Stick to whack Iran when next it gets froggy.  The interesting thing about this is that it warns Iran that it will get bopped not only when it deploys the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directly against Americans, but when any of their proxies jump on us or any of our allies.  For some reason Iran thinks that it can continue to get away with literal murder, perhaps because President Trump is up to his alligator in Democrat anklebiters and will be too busy to deal with them.

Back in the good old days the Department of the Navy was not part of the Department of War, now known as the Department of Defense, it was directly under the authority of the President.  The result was the President could and did use the Navy and Marine Corps as his personal Big Stick.  Every once in a while some tin pot dictator somewhere would need to be reminded of who the Big Dog was and he would send the Navy and Marines on the odd punitive expedition to remind them.  Looks like the President has had just about enough of Iran’s high jinx and is going to put the kabosh on them.  Who knows but that the reason this is happening now has something to do with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard general that defected last month.  Ya think?

Iran seems to have forgotten what the US is capable of when we get irritated despite the recent reminder just over a year ago in Syria.  I posted on this last March over here.  Of course Mad Dog Mattis is gone now, and much missed I’m sure, nevertheless I expect that the guys at the pointy end will know what to do.  And will really enjoy doing it.

Taps at the V.A.


Remember the old men.  They went and saw and did and bore what we can but little imagine.  They lived long lives limned in glory born of boredom and terror.  As that glory fades we pray a greater begins.  Remember the old men.

Can’t get Russia out of my mind

The Progressive True Believers are pretty much by definition insane.  At one point in time they were able to hold it together enough to pass themselves off as serious people with serious concerns deserving of a respectful hearing.  Trump, bless his heart, has goaded them into full hair on fire disclosure of who they really are, and evidently he’s not done yet.  Every day that goes by peels away another layer of the veneer of rationality, strips another mask off their collective madness.

It is such a great show.

Its not over yet.  The Donks are running scared.  Now that their man man Mueller has turned up a whole lot of imaginary Russian collusion they are in big trouble.  They fired torpedoes from all tubes at Trump only to find that Trump was never where they aimed their torpedoes, the torpedoes have circled around and are pinging hard on them.

Now they are in a panic.  They have nothing with which to spoof what’s coming at them, there’s no way to get out of the way and they’ve shot themselves dry.  Oh, individuals, to be sure, can and probably will plea bargain, some will opt out in less pleasant ways.  As a group they are doing everything they can to wiggle out of responsibility for what they did while hoping and praying that something else will come along to hinder justice long enough that it can be forgotten. But they are out of altitude, out of air speed and out of ideas.

Couldn’t happen to a nastier bunch of people.  The only thing that can save them is if the Administration loses its nerve and backs off.  I pray that will not happen.

I must say that it is good to see that at long last Lindsey Graham is doing us proud.  The horror of the Kavanaugh hearings seems to have infused some caffeine into his blood.  More, please.


Foreign influence

In the world of political influence the first question somebody in a position of power asks when meeting someone trying to gain their ear is, “Who sent you?”  That is, who do you represent and is that person or group supportive of my network?  In the world of infinite quid pro quo, what do you want and what’s in it for me?

Now that the Russia collusion fantasy has been exposed a question that in retrospect seems obvious would have been: What’s in it for Trump?  The best the daffy Donks seem to be able to come up with is that Trump would get to build a hotel in Moscow.  No, really, this is what they thought, or at least what they said they thought.  Pathetic.

Whereas it is true that Russia was working to influence American national policy and the 2016 election; big shock, they’ve been doing that since 1933; the fact that everybody else is also working to influence American policy has been overlooked.  The fact is that Russia has become a relative bit player in terms of dollars spent, the real danger from them is the hordes of mindless ideological slaves still bamboozled by the dreams of a Marxist Leninist Stalinist millenarian dystopia.  The more dangerous source of influence is tied to who has the money to buy this influence, and it ain’t Russia.

A report to the membership; we have an invitation

Yesterday I attended the Republican Women’s Federated meeting at the Oakmont Country Club in Glendale where I met Lois Billings, president of the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly.  They are asking the Republican Club of the Foothills to join forces or perhaps merge with them as they are going to be having meetings at the La Crescenta Women’s Club, the first, or perhaps the next, is April 24th, as you can see by the flyer reproduced below.  I will be discussing the possibilities with Mrs. Billings after Easter.

The prospect is interesting not least because the good old RCOTF has fallen on hard times.  I am reluctant do do because despite the RCOTF’s diminished state I feel a moral obligation to the Club not to make such major decisions without input from y’all the members, or perhaps more accurately, former members, or maybe members in repose.  You know what I mean.

The basic possibilities as I see it are these:

1st The RCOTF maintains an independent existence refusing a union of forces while hoping, like the South, to one day rise again.  Whereas when our previous president resigned along with the one other board member still attending board meetings, and stubbornly and perhaps intemperately refused to resign, I had hopes to be able to lay the foundation for such a rising.  It has not happened, and given the very disappointing situation in which the Club finds itself, I confess, and you know it well, those hopes have been dashed.  Should the RCOTF sail on like a Flying Dutchman?  I do not recommend this course of action.

2nd The RCOTF merges with the GBRA and ceases to exist as a separate entity.  All our meager resources are handed over and the RCOTF becomes a historical footnote.   I confess that this galls me, not because as things stand I am a big fish in an ever diminishing pond puddle and I would lose my dictatorial powers, but because it would be a betrayal all the loyal, hard working Republicans that founded the Club and sustained it over the years.  I know I am weird, I feel very strongly that we, the living, owe a debt to history, to the memory of those who made us what we are, a duty to not allow all of that to slip from our hands.  Should the RCOTF be broken up and subsumed into the GBRA?  This is a better alternative, however I do not recommend this course of action.

3rd The RCOTF maintains an independent existence as a support element working closely with the GBRA supporting their goals and initiatives and under their umbrella.  The Club would be committed to a more or less permanent alliance with the GBRA and would not be working on goals and initiatives at cross purposes with them (wouldn’t that be a pleasant change for Republicans?).  Mrs. Billings tells me that she wants me on the GBRA board, and is, if I understand her from a brief conversation in a chaotic situation, very much interested in this web page.  We would become a sort of allied artillery regiment attached to the GBRA army.  In the event of some kind of catastrophe befalling the GBRA we would be able to split off again if necessary.  Should the RCOTF maintain a legally separate identity while closely allying itself the GBRA?  This is the option with which I am most comfortable and which I recommend.

Given that the ultimate purpose of the RCOTF is to win elections, what do you guys think?  I have suggested three possible avenues of approach, I am sure there are others, and many details to wrangle over – we are Republicans, after all – I want to hear all about it.  Think about it, pray about it.  I would like to see us achieve some kind of consensus, so what are your thoughts?  I am pledged to meet with Mrs. Billings after Easter and I really want to bring your feedback into that discussion.

Meanwhile, I intend to attend the April 24th event.  Hope to see you there.

Affiliated with The California Republican Assembly

Representing The Foothill Communities of La Canada/Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, Sunland and Tujunga

Meetings held 4thnd Wednesdays 6:30 p.m. Registration and Social Hour

$25 per person / $40 per couple

Heavy Hors d’ouevres, Desserts, Beer/Wine Cash Bar: 6:30-7:00 pm

and Music by Sonny Sardo

Speaker Program 7:30 -8:30 p.m.

NEW LOCATION: The La Crescenta Womens Club * 4004 La Crescenta Ave,

La Crescenta, CA 91214


April 24, Dr. Wen Chen, Scientist, Cal Tech

Expert on China/North Korea Geo-politics, Culture

What China does not want you to hear in the media


May 22, DR. George Kooshian, Professor/Historian

The Web of Hope


David Ter-Petrosyan

“A Lesson For Americans From The Armenian Genocide – Don’t Give Up Your Guns”

(and other guest speakers) Call 626-823-4679 for additional information