John Oliphant’s September 15 presentation

Herewith are links to John’s June 6, 2017 and September 15, 2017 presentations on the origins of the the swamp. Each can be found at the respective link below.

Also, for completeness, is a PDF copy of the two pages of the 1961 FBI memo (one copy redacted and one copy un-redacted) which I handed out at the Sept 15th meeting. These two pages were obtained by Judicial Watch under the FOIA after an 8 month struggle with the FBI (lasting from 6-14-2010 to 2-24-2011) to release this memo which is over 50 years old and relates to a Senator who had passed on. As Diana West has discussed on her blog, these are just two of millions of pages of documents which the “deep state” does not easily give up (as it does not want to embarrass itself, I assume).

RCofF JO Presentation 6-6-17 Final Part 1 of 2

RCofF JO Presentation 9-15-17 Final Part 2 of 2

Sen Kennedy FBI File 2 pages JW 8-month FOIA