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On Building Our Own Media

Over at his Sultan Knish blog Daniel Greenfield recently posted an interesting article on the pros and cons of buying or creating mass media outlets to compete with the Leftist propaganda machine that is the MSM.  I recommend it to your attention.

I lived through the transformation of America from a center right nation to what it has become today, a further left of center nation.  At no time did the Left cease confronting, challenging, undermining, ridiculing and dismissing traditional American values.  They were persistent and pervasive.  They were everywhere and never got tired.  They won by moving the culture in tiny increments, and over the years those increments have resulted in a country in which even those principles which back in the day would have been considered leftist are now branded as radical right wing lunacy by the soi-disant “mainstream.”  They would have us believe that Republicans, Tea Party adherents and Conservatives in general are few in number, violently fanatical and criminally insane.

They lie.

Unlike the ceaseless deluge of constantly changing, nonsensical PC nostrums, ideas and policies that adhere to the traditional American mainstream, to which the Republican Party holds (or should hold!), are rational, consistent, empirically tested and intellectually defensible.  We need to defend them. e need to challenge the Left at every opportunity if we are ever to seriously enter the struggle for American culture.

One very simple technique is, when someone utters some Leftist imbecility, to say with an expression of astonishment, “You don’t really believe that do you?”  If you have your facts in order and the time to do so, take them on.  Else, ask them of they believe in diversity.  Well, you just have a diverse opinion.  If they call you a racist, note that the charge of racism just means that your opponent doesn’t have a rational argument with which to rebut you so he must resort to name calling, which is not just stupid, but mean.

It is a beginning.

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