The Fight of Our Lives

In the video interview of Lauren Southern by Stefan Molyneux presented in Logical and bloody conclusion, Lauren repeats several times the mantra of the destroyers of Afrikaner civilization in South Africa: they would rather have 100% of $10 than 1% of $1,000,000,000.  We might think that such an attitude would be limited to the ignorant, the innumerate and the mentally deficient, but such is not the case.  That is exactly the attitude of our own dominant political aristocracy, be they Communists masquerading as Democrats or their fellow travellers masquerading as Republicans.  This is an old, old struggle, it is primordial, they would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

It is, as Abraham Lincoln so aptly noted, the same old serpent, some men should be saddled and ridden, and some should be riding them, for their own good.  Be they black slaves or taxpayers the self styled superior people will see nothing but a resource to be exploited, and exploited to destruction.  This is why Communist dictators grow fat and rich while reducing their people to terror, misery and starvation every single time; this is why professional politicians grow fat and rich while despoiling the taxpayer to buy the votes to stay in power.

It never ends well, and that is a feature, not a bug. In order to dominate a population it is necessary first to subjugate them, make them fearful of any act of rebellion and dependent on the largesse of their masters.

Here in California we have seen this play out more than anywhere else in the US.  The California legislature is constantly enacting a never ending stream of laws and regulations with ever more draconian penalties that hamper our control of our own lives and restrict our liberties.  At the same time massive populations of foreigners are imported in wholesale lots which are dependent of government handouts.  Worse, they are encouraged to maintain their own cultures, the very cultures that created the disasters in their native places from which they fled in the first place.  Worst of all, it is intended that these foreigners will overwhelm by sheer numbers those of us who cherish a republican form of government with our rights, rule of law and love of liberty.

It is not to be imagined that this transition will be accomplished peacefully.  Any such illusions should have been dispelled by the events at the President’s inauguration, the rise of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the attempted assassination of Republican Senators at a baseball game and the increasing number of attacks on Trump supporters and other citizens thought to oppose the progressive doctrines.  Obama did not import hundreds of thousands of Muslims with their aggressive, expansionist and intolerant ideology to preserve and protect American traditions and values, of that you can be sure.

The fight we are in is not one we chose, it has been thrust upon us by the adherents of Marxism who wish to first destroy and then subjugate us.  When I say “us” I mean the moral and intellectual cultural descendants of the Founders who bequeathed to us these United States, with our liberties and a Constitutional, self governing Republic.  America is the apotheosis of Western Civilization, a civilization that is in a fight for its life.

That sounds very grand, something beyond the ability of any of us to greatly influence.  It is, in my view, very grand indeed, but not beyond anyone’s ability to contribute to.  None of us will be asked to, or even have much ability to grasp and shape the overall strategic destiny of this, our struggle, which is a struggle for survival.  It is a struggle to determine whether or not the sacrifices made by our ancestors shall bear fruit for our children’s children’s children, or it will all be brought to naught.

I have been to war.  I can tell you that when the guns begin to roar strategic considerations disappear.  At that moment all that matters is each individual’s duty, whatever it may be.  Whether it is to take aim and fire, pass ammunition, observe and report, carry away the wounded, tend the engines or just stand and await orders, only steadfast devotion to duty matters at that moment.  There is NOTHING more important in that moment.

For America and the West, this is that moment.  Whatever victories may be won or defeats endured in Washington, or even Sacramento, our battle is taking place right here in our precincts, our school boards, our City councils, our County offices.  Our contribution to the fight in far away places are the victories we win by steadfast attention to duty in these familiar places which are within our daily reach.  If we fail to bring the battle to these local fights, there can be no victory at any level.

Stand ready, things are about to begin happening.  We are counting on your devotion to God and country, on your steadfast devotion to duty, on you, American!