A people like no other


I do feel that events have been pushing me, pushing the whole country, towards a special moment: towards a moment of critical decision, towards a moment of decisive action.  I would not be here writing the blog if I did not.

America was created, I firmly believe, by an act of Divine Will, the Spirit of God enlightening and enlivening the Founders in a moment of critical decision a moment of decisive action.  The generations that followed after that great and holy event knew and freely acknowledged their debt to the Creator Who had blessed them so abundantly with a rich land, and, more importantly, a vastly richer inheritance of freedom.  Those people knew that the continued existence of the miracle that is America depended utterly on their fidelity to and reliance on the God Who had made it possible.

That essential truth has been largely forgotten among our countrymen today.  But God is faithful and has not forgotten us.  As with Israel of old He calls us back that He may bless us even more.  Failing that, as with Israel of old, He will impose an astringent mercy, that we may learn again the essential truth:

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.

Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

In vain you rise up early and stay up late,

toiling for food to eat –

for He grants peace to those he loves.

What this means for us who are all to well aware that the crisis is building and will soon be upon us, our children and our grandchildren, is that we too must be ready when the decisive moment comes and we must act.  Yes, act, not simply stand back and leave it others.  For this is a crisis facing the whole of We the People, not simply of the young and the fit.

When in 1989 the Soviet Empire was collapsing, the prisoners in the camps of the gulags revolted.  The guards, rifles at the ready, were about to shoot down the men who would no longer endure the evil they had been living with for their whole lives.  It was then that the old men shoved their way to the front, placing themselves between the guards and the younger men.  They bared their chests in the bitter cold and said, “Will you shoot down your fathers and grandfathers like dogs?”  Thus did they shame the guards into surrender, and brought the entire brutal network of death camps to an end.

The first action, the preparatory action, that is required of us is that we fall on our knees in imitation of our first Commander in Chief, and offer our hearts and minds, our very lives, to the King of the Universe.  Repent of our own sins and those of our countrymen.  Beg forgiveness for ourselves and our countrymen.  Beg for wisdom and courage for ourselves individually and for We the People,  Beg for mercy and favor.  Offer thanks and praise, pledge, faithfulness and devotion.  “Restore our fortunes, LORD, like streams in the Negev.”

Then be ready to speak, to act, and not yield to evil no matter the cost.