Schumer’s incoherence

Senator Chuckie “Slimeball” Schumer is having trouble explaining why the Donks pushed the amnesty issue all the way to the shut down last  night.  Normally he can spin out the Party line just fine, but as of last night he is reduced to gibbering incoherence.  It is if someone laced his coffee with LSD.  I almost wish someone had, it would be more entertaining than usual, which is to say it would be entertaining, period.

What would be even better if someone laced his coffee with scopolamine, the truth serum, now THAT would be entertaining!

The Dirty Dems thought that, as usual, the GOP would cave as they always have.  But for whatever reason they didn’t, even though I’m sure lots of them wanted to.  As it happens the Republicans held firm and “Slimeball” was caught holding a hot potato without a game plan. Couldn’t have happened to a nastier guy.


Ultimately the reason Chuckie’s lying silver tongue failed him is because he dare not admit the truth: without amnesty the Democratic Party as the living embodiment of the Communist Revolution in America is finished.  He knows that the Party needs millions of voters very specifically steeped in all the best Socialist virtues, voters for whom American, Constitutional values are both alien and incomprehensible.  He knows that without them the Fundamental Transformation of America will fail, despite the gains of the last half century, even though crowned by the treasonous Administration of President Zero Obama.

If the Commie-Donks were halfway sane they would pull back, drop their failed Marxist dreams and devise a strategy that would gain them credibility as patriotic Americans with a viable alternative for American Greatness.  Don’t hold your breath.  They are totally addicted to power and control.  That is the sum and summit of their unholy faith, and Marxism is their inerrant dogma; they won’t let it go.

Please God, the Republicans will hold firm.  It won’t be easy, not least because they have a long history of making a lot of noise before utterly collapsing.  They will be under a lot of pressure to do just that in the days ahead as the Left will put them, and the whole country under pressure to yield.

For the sake of our beloved Republic we must not yield.