Malodorous pits

Back in the day, before American politics became a cesspit of graft and power dominated by Marxist loving morons, elected representatives used to, from time to time, take time off from the struggle to mire themselves ever deeper in corruption and consider the future welfare of the nation as a whole.  Granted that corruption in politics was present from about five minutes seconds after the first Congress was called to order, but it was not dominated by the mad drive to wreck the whole shooting works so as to launch the Communist Revolution in America under cover of faux compassion (and get rich and famous in the process).

One of the characteristics of the Left’s Marching Morons is that they will say anything to gain a momentary political advantage.  So it was last week the Dick (the Turban) Durbin escaped his drool cup holder and accused President Trump of asking why the US needed to take in escapees from all these “Shithole countries” in a private meeting.  Yes, yes, potty mouth President, pure as the driven show Democrat hyperbole artist.  Bad. Bad.  So bad. All seriousness aside.

Now Mr. Trump denies having used that exact adjective, but he does admit the word he used was pretty pungent.  I’m OK with that, hell, I was a sailor, and remain fluent in Sailorese which occasionally escapes my control, and I don’t see the problem.  Except I do, and it isn’t the President.

First, the meeting was a private meeting of the President with his Cabinet and other officials.  So Durbin breaches the confidentiality of the meeting to tattle on the President, like a 2nd grader telling the teacher on another student who said a bad word.  As if 2nd graders today weren’t already well on their way to fluency in Sailorese.  He committed an enormity (The contents of private Cabinet meetings are supposed to be classified, there are rules that bind everybody else except Democrats) to expose a triviality to be used as fuel to gin up a faux outrage sh!t storm to embarrass the President and advance their immigration invasion agenda.

Second, everybody knows that that the world is awash in shithole countries.  We can all name some, and if we took the time the list would be long.  The only reason to bring in masses of people from places that are not much advanced beyond bronze age tribalism is to guarantee the Socialists a reliable voting base to cement their hold on power.  I just don’t see that being a benefit to the future welfare of the country.  Maybe the plan is to move these people to Detroit where they could feel right at home, speaking of shitholes.  I’m with Trump on this one, keep them out, and if they are already here, send them back.

The one good thing that came out of Durbin’s babbling and the subsequent agitprop campaign is the collapse of the DACA deal.  So thanks, Dicky, you grandstanding stooge, for opening your pie hole out of turn.  You did a good turn for the country, even if you didn’t intend to.