State of the Republican Club Report #1

The state of the Club is not so good right now.  Ten days ago Tom Passanisi announced his resignation from the Club.  He had announced his intention at the last Board meeting and the two Board members present accepted his resignation.  One of the Board members resigned as well and that left me.  I refused to resign and I stood firm against the motion to dissolve the Club entirely.

Ten days ago I asked the membership for feedback.  Frankly, there has not been as much as I had hoped for, but what there was has been intelligent, informed and passionate.  I can work with that.  Here are the salient points brought forward.

  • Key members of the Club have undergone personal trials which have temporarily knocked them out of action; they will be back.
  • Other Republican Clubs have faced similar situations but have turned themselves around in no small measure because of dynamic leadership, notably the Women’s Federated.  More on them in a moment.
  • There are committed Republicans around who though not as active as they once were are still a tremendous resources (Yes, I am looking at YOU!).
  • As California circles the drain, more and more people are realizing that the Liberal agenda is a recipe for disaster, catastrophe and collapse, thus are becoming more open to the Republican message.
  • Interested people, both Club members and non-members have offered to help in one way or another.

As I say, that is enough; I can and will work with that.

Meanwhile, Danette Erickson of the Women’s Federated invites y’all to come over there.

All Republicans both men and women are welcome to stay involved with the daytime Republican club that meets at the Oakmont the second Thursday of the month.


[I will get an address for you later, Danette?]


This is a big year for the governors race in CA without Brown we could have a chance if we were united with one great candidate.


On Feb 8 we will have the “next” governor of CA John Cox for our luncheon speaker. Lets all come together to hear what he has to say to save our state.


Let Joanie Taylor know [Let me know and I’ll contact Joanie.]  you want to hear him and make Thursday Feb 8 at 11 AM on your calendar. The food is great for only $30, no need to join just be our guest.

I intend to be there, and hope to see many of y’all there.  Meanwhile I will be in touch with some of you to see about moving the Republican Club of the Foothills forward and advancing the cause of that most rare virtue in California, Common Sense.

To those who have not spoken up to date, if you are interested in supporting this effort in some small way (and it will be small to start), please reply by email as I will not be making any further announcements until we have something concrete to offer.  Pass this request on to your friends in the area.  Those who do respond will receive personal invitations to a small, exclusive meeting not open to the public at a time and place to be privately disclosed.

And of course, the support of your prayers is the one thing we cannot do without.

God bless America and God bless poor California, we need it.