Waging the war of words

For Patriots determined to fight back against the left’s insane destruction of America words are weapons of primary importance.  Because most leftists are not logical thinkers, logical arguments (dialectic) will not faze them.  To them your logical arguments are, at best, just so much noise, and at worst proof of your subhuman status.  Leftists are driven my emotion, feelz, as they say.  Therefore, to effectively oppose them language that hits them with an emotional response is most effective.  This is called rhetoric.

RT carries the story of the right’s recent victory in the war of words.  (h/t Vox Day)

Conservatives chalked up a victory in the battleground of pejorative labels, concluding that the trending ‘Blue Anon’ branding of left-wing conspiracy theorists is sufficiently stinging after the term earned censorship bona fides.

The term made it into the online Urban Dictionary of slang words and phrases earlier this week, only to be removed by Sunday. A search of the term, a play on ‘QAnon’ that has been used increasingly in recent months to mock leftists, now comes up empty. Previously, the dictionary showed a definition for Blue Anon, noting that it’s “a loosely organized network of Democrat voters, politicians and media personalities who spread left-wing conspiracy theories, such as the Russia hoax, Jussie Smollett hoax, Ukraine hoax, Covington kids hoax and Brett Kavanaugh hoax.”

Conservatives interpreted the attempted disappearing of Blue Anon as a sign of success. “Wokies at Urban Dictionary zapped Blue Anon because it was too powerful,” journalist Jack Posobiec said Sunday on Twitter. Others predicted a ‘Streisand effect’, when attempts to hide something inadvertently bring more attention and interest to it.

Here are some recent effective uses of the term BlueAnon.  I encourage you guys to use it whenever some loonie leftist pops off with one their ‘troofs.’ “You really believe that?  You must be BlueAnon.”  Enjoy the show.

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