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The corrupt media, which are nothing other than the organs of propaganda of the Commiecrat Party, would have us believe that America is now firmly under the control of the Marxist devils that “won” the 2020 election.  Whereas it is true that they have their filthy paws on the levers of power, that does not mean that they have much actual power.  Let’s take a closer look at the term power in this context.

Power is the ability to do things.  There are different kinds of power and these exist in different places and in different ways.  Here your Irascible Correspondent will refer to political power.  Political power is the ability to enact policies using regulations and laws to bring about a changed relationship between polities, dither foreign or domestic.  At the moment the Sons of Perdition have set themselves up to control the legislative and regulatory bureaucracies to impose a totalitarian police surveillance state on the American People and fix it permanently in place.

Electoral map 2020, fraud included

But political power is limited to those who grasp the levers of political power.  Power is derived from the consent of the governed.  The Donks of Darkness and their RINO allies need to get We the People to consent to their usurpation in order to secure their power.  That is why the Liars for Hire in the MSM are constantly telling us that their paymasters have won while those wicked paymasters work tirelessly to restrict the Deplorable’s freedom of action and access to resources.  They need us to surrender and submit, and accept the lie that they are the legitimate government of the United States.

That is why they are redefining anybody who supported President Trump, or who is politically to the right of Lenin as domestic terrorists, providing the justification for outlawing 95% of the U.S. population.  In this way they intend to bully us, with threats to our  wealth, our liberty and our very lives, into bowing our necks under their tyrant’s yoke.  Sadly, it will work on a great many citizens, not only because of the horror Americans have historically had for lawlessness, but because of fear of loss.  Nobody wants to see themselves and their family branded as domestic terrorists and forced to bear the consequences thereof.

These tactics will work on many millions of our fellow citizens.  We’ve all heard the saying, “When you’ve got them by the yip-yaps their hearts and minds will follow.”  Bear in mind, as we move deeper into the Great Usurpation, that many of our fellow citizens will have been unwillingly moved by these threats, which does not mean that they are unsympathetic to those who do not so easily yield.  Part of the Usurpers’ plans depend on fomenting division among us, pitting Americans against each other.  We have seen the result of that in our society today, and it must be avoided going forward.

This kind of fratricidal violence is part of the Usurpers’ plan to achiever victory, divide and conquer.  One of our victory conditions is One Nation Under God.  That was, is and will be source of our power.  Utter dependence on God, the author of our rights, and, I will argue, is the true Founder of our Republic, uniquely instituted by Him to advance and defend those rights for the sake of His greater honor and glory.

On President’s Day this year both President Trump and Joe “Beijing” Biden addressed the nation.  Mr. Biden’s address was watched by 47,000 people, President Trump’s by 887,000.  Break that down: just over 5% listened to Quid Pro Joe, just under 95% to President Trump.  Those who watched President Trump did not do so because they love Trump the man, the love Trump because he expresses their belief in God, in America, and in Americans.  I will suggest to you that this is power.  The Usurpers don’t hold the consent of the governed, the We the People have soundly rejected them.

The Usurpers don’t have power.  It is we, the Patriots who have the power, the power to grant or withhold our consent.  Clearly America is withholding consent from the entire Deep State apparatus and conferring it on President Trump and all the he stands for: our Constitutional Republic.

“Do not be afraid.”  These words appear in Scripture in one form or another 365 times.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Begin the process of forming communities with fellow Americans outside of your normal circles.  Build up the fabric of the nation by affirming the beauty and the power of a Nation United by bonds of whatever kind consonant with Constitutional Liberty.

In the end we win, they lose.

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