Bannon on Trump with Charlie Rose

I had not had occasion to think much about Steve Bannon before now, but given that he left the Trump Administration recently to return to Breitbart it seemed worthwhile to get a deeper insight into the man.  The recent interview with Charlie Rose, parts of which were shown on 60 Minutes provided a good opportunity.  Yes, yes, I know that Rose is a paid propagandist, and he does get irritatingly condescending and contentious at times he does let Bannon speak for himself most of the time.

I come away very favorably impressed by Bannon, and even more favorably impressed by what Bannon says of Trump. Bannon gets one thing absolutely right, and he says it over and over with different words in the interview: the real power comes from We the People.  And he trusts the People to exercise it wisely.  I post the videos below for your delectation.