Charlottesville – Update from a local resident


Stilton’s Place has an extensive comment from a reader who is a politically aware Charlotteville resident.  His observations are pertinent and very useful for understanding these events.  I post it in its entirety.

JRMD from Virginia said…Stilt,
From the heavy heart of Central VA I can tell you why it happened.
The Charlottesville ‘Clown’ Council is 100% far left to the point they can’t stand straight.
The black ‘vice’ mayor (Bellamy) came to C’ville as a teacher, member of the gov’s. education board and a council electee. His baggage included uncovered racist tweets (especially against white women) and on-line posts. When these were brought to light he left his teaching position (rather than be fired) and resigned from the governor’s edu. bd.
HOWEVER, since he was so pro black and anti white, the clown council and the idiots in C’ville not only left him on council but made him vice mayor…. paving the way for his future political aspirations. (Heaven help the fools!) (Over 80% of them voted for Hillary, so you know they have problems.)
C’ville formed a commission to study the Lee and Jackson statues after one of Bellamy’s students said they scared her when she went through the parks. An obvious set-up to everyone but the C’ville croud.
The commission, after months of study and public meetings, advised the council to leave the statues in place and add plaques to explain that part of history.
The council rejected the commissions findings and voted to remove the statues.
Thus – the KKK and Alt Right rallies.
The KKK came, spoke briefly and left. They were attacked by anti-protesters. 28 of them were arrested for violence….. not 1 KKK member.
The lefties and the clown council supported the claim of police brutality because tear gas had to be used to quell the protesters attacks on the KKK AND the police. They objected to the arrests and said the police should have been more patient and that they antagonized the protesters by wearing their riot gear. Interestingly – NONE of the 28 have been to court to face their charges..?? Swept under the rug????
Kessler (Alt-Right Movement) applied for a permit to protest the statue removals. The application was for Lee Park at the base of the Lee statue. Certainly not off-limits as that was where most of the anti-statue rallies were held by the lefties.
The clown council sat on the permit until the last minute and approved it – if held in McIntire Park, on the outskirts of town.
Surprisingly the ACLU and Rutherford Institute jumped in to file a suit based on the violation of free speech.
A Federal Judge held a night hearing and blocked the order to relocate.
That had to P O the clown council.!!!!
As both rally participants and anti-rally protesters formed early Sat. AM, skirmishes broke out due to the protesters throwing frozen water bottles, soda cans filled with concrete, bottles of excrement, etc. at rally members in the park and attacking those trying to get to the park.
Hundreds of police and national guard stood by and did nothing to stop the abuse.
It quickly became obvious that they were not only remembering the flak the took for stopping the KKK rally violence but also had the intent, most likely directed by the clown council, to let it happen until it could be declared an ‘unlawful gathering’ and shut it down. So much for ‘Serve and Protect’.
The rally was shut down shortly after after 11AM – an hour before it was scheduled to start. A couple protesters were arrested.
The Alt-Rt supporters left the park and the anti-rally protesters pranced around the ‘once-upon-a-time’ grand city of Charlottesville, VA proclaiming a victory.
The lack of quick and decisive action by the police to quell the violence perpetrated by the protesters was the cause of all the problems and will result in future problems as the ‘white supremacist’ groups have vowed to return – ready to take care of themselves.
Charlottesville’s actions (and INActions) has stirred up a hornets nest.

This account is as factual as it can get. I watched it happen.

The horrific events at Charlotteville this weekend are to be decried in the strongest terms.  Political violence from whatever source is to be condemned.  President Trump did so shortly after the event, but you would never know it watching the mainstream organs of propaganda.  They are again trying to get him to dance to their tune, and this he has refused to do.  Oh, the humanity!

So what happened?  A number of white nationalist groups got a permit to hold a peaceful demonstration which they called Unite the Right.  That permit was revoked.  Then it was reinstated by a Federal judge.  Then when the Anti-fas counter-protesters showed up the police broke up the Unite the Right and told them they had to go home.  It was only after Unite the Right had dispersed that car attack occurred.

Here’s the testimony of an eye witness.  She  also has video clips over here.

Let me say at the outset that anybody who marches around carrying Nazi flags is not going to favorably influence my opinion.  Whereas I think it is necessary for the various right leaning organizations to band together around their common interest, these outre lunatics aren’t helping the cause.  That being said, the worst offender here were the Anit-fas protesters as they were the originators of the violence which was exhibited during the whole day prior to the auto attack.

Several issues here.  It looks like the 1st Amendment is going down the drain.  It is not clear to me why a group of citizens has to get a permit to peaceably assemble still less why it should be revoked because the City fathers didn’t like the groups who were to assemble.

Secondly, where do the City fathers get off curtailing anyone’s speech, however unpleasant.  The 1st Amendment does not exist so that we can say “Have a nice day” to one another.  It exists to protect speech which we find objectionable.  Repudiation of violence is all very well, however one would do well to recall that the 1st Amendment protects your lips, not your teeth, should your speech prove unbearably inflammatory to one’s listeners.  The organizer of the event, Richard Spencer, was punched several times while giving interviews just prior to the event, and had to be taken from the scene to tend his injuries.  When the police ordered the Unite the Right people to disperse, rather than direct them away from the Anti-fas crowd, they directed them through the Anti-fas crowd, and a number of scuffles broke out, about which the police did nothing.

I understand that Unite the Right is taking legal action against the City of Charlottesville for violating their 1st Amendment rights. This is especially apropos as the Charlottesville police did not do their job and protect the safety of the Unite the Right people, but forced the two groups to come together with altogether predictable results. Interestingly, the police counselled the Unite the Right people to refrain from violence on pain of arrest, but said nothing to the Anti-fas crowd.

The Left till now has been in the ascendant.  They thought that they had America sewed up.  But just as Hillary was a shoo-in for President they are shocked, shocked to discover that they aren’t having it all their way.  There are actually a lot of people who, for whatever reason, don’t subscribe to their dark, sad and failing religion.  That opposition is sometimes based on erroneous principles (that is, that don’t look to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for their inspiration and guidance), but it is real opposition none the less.

The Donks have lost the initiative despite having massive funding sources, control of most of the institutions and a long term, deep and well organized game plan.  They are fumbling around trying to get the juggernaut of historical inevitability rolling again and they are making a total hash of it.  Their opposition continues to grow despite lacking all the Progressive advantages.

All this violence is because they are losing.  Commies are always sore losers.  They are worse when they win.  They aren’t winning this one.