Its 1917 all over again

By now it is clear that the United States is experiencing the aftermath of a successful Color Revolution which your Irascible Correspondent warned about some time back.  This is the denouement of the Strategic Conquest of America as previously outlined here 1, here 2, here 3, here 4 and here 5.  They have been planning this for decades; their planning proved effective despite the the election of Donald Trump, who to this point has proved to have been no more than a bump in the road for them.  More on that another time.

As I mentioned in my previous post, our new masters – make no mistake, that is exactly what they are – are afraid of us because at this early stage might still be taken down; they know this and are terrified.  They are moving as fast as they can to consolidate their power and cement their grip.

In my opinion they will succeed in this for three reasons: 1. they planned carefully and executed well; 2. the designated opposition, Republicans and Conservatives, were largely suborned and switched sides at the critical juncture; 3. there is little or no leadership or organization among Patriots.  This will change despite the revolutionaries’ efforts to prevent it.  Hopefully this blog will turn out be one node in a growing counter revolutionary movement.

Many of us, myself included, have been hoping for a miracle to save us  Miracles are great, but cannot be relied upon to appear when hoped for.  Nobody is coming to save us.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but there it is.  Americans have for generations been enjoying the fruits of liberty won for us by our forefathers.  Because they were so abundant and had cost little or nothing we thought those fruits were infinite and eternal.  We were wrong.

No, I am not a defeatist.  They have won the opening battle in this phase of the war, and are likely to win several more, maybe many more.  I am here precisely because I believe that American Patriots will win in the end, but we are even longer away from that victory than we were on December 7, 1941.  The upcoming fight will be longer and tougher than WWII, and that was brutally ugly.  It might be longer than the long, heartbreaking grind of the Cold War.  Get used to ugly, it is  going to last a long time and will only get tougher and uglier from here.

Before our ultimate victory is achieved we will have to learn many hard and painful lessons.  The sooner we do that the sooner that victory will come.  Your Irascible correspondent hopes to provide a forum, so long as possible, for disseminating information, sharing methods of resistance, and, probably most importantly, support and encouragement to disheartened patriots.

Here’s a story to ponder on: the Battle of Athens, GA in 1946.  Below is Jeffrey Prather, a man to listen to.  Don’t be shy about passing these little missives along.  It is of primary importance to establish communication nets, the wider they are the harder they will be to take down.

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