Emergency alert system

On January 6 after President Trump was locked out of Twitter and banned from Facebook the FCC sent out a notice reminding broadcasters of their legal obligation to comply with relaying messages via the Emergency Alert System.  The Emergency Alert System is overseen by the federal government and allows the president to address the nation via all television and radio stations in the event of a national emergency. Broadcasters are required by law to cut into their programming and relay emergency messages.

A couple of years ago the President made changes to the system such that the emergency alerts would also be automatically broadcast over the cellular network to all cellphones.  You might recall that the system was tested at that time.

Your Irascible Correspondent has just received information that  suggests that cell phone providers Apple and Android, are planning on rolling out a system update that will disable this feature on cell phones.  I have not verified this information, but it seems credible to me given the level of censorship we have seen recently implemented, thus I am inclined to err on the side of caution.  Therefore I have taken the precaution of disabling automatic system updates on my cell phone temporarily.

If you are similarly inclined to caution you can find the information on how to disable automatic system updates on the internet using Google.

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