Winning 2020 in CA

The Demoncrats have been very successful at making California a one party State, which does not mean that some measure of victory is possible for Republicans.  It does mean that it winning will be hard work.  Over at the Election Forum Blog Craig Huey, always worth a read, lays out Six Little Known Strategies for Winning in 2020, some of which I shamelessly excerpt below, but get over there and read the whole thing.

Essential 1: Define our message – We have the solutions to the biggest issues.
Conservatives, libertarians and Christians don’t need to change their message to look more like the Democrat Socialists’ anti-Trump message of Democrat Socialist social and economic values.
Instead, we need to focus on what is relevant and important to people: solutions to big issues.
Conservatives, libertarians and Christians have answers to growing economic dangers. Democrat Socialists want more rules and regulations and a “nanny state” fed by higher taxes. They want to kill business with increasing minimum wages. They want to make taxpayers pay for ridiculous bureaucratic jobs, “free” healthcare for all … and more.
Conservatives, libertarians and Christians have the answers to our massive, historic debt of $741 billion. They know how to boost the economy and create more jobs with policies that encourage new innovation and business growth.
Under President Trump, the economy has boomed. Employment rates – especially for blacks and Hispanics – are at a high. New businesses are thriving.
Conservatives, libertarians and Christians need to stand for something – to help restore the American dream.
They need to regroup and push a message of job growth and lowered taxes to encourage economic growth.
They also have to reach out to a wider range of voters with a message of freedom and lower taxes … as well as better schools and safer communities.
For Hispanics, pro-life, pro-economic opportunity and pro-family are key issues.
For Evangelical Christian and conservative Catholics: life, religious freedom, pro- Israel, helping the persecuted Church and who sits on the U.S. Supreme Court are among the top non-negotiable issues.
We have the right messaging on health. We have the right messaging on education. We have the right messaging on so many different key issues that the Democrat Socialists are running with … and we have the right answers.
Essential 2: Revitalize the Republican Party.
Conservatives need to focus on training and mobilization for the next generation.
We need to use data for targeted digital marketing, text messaging and direct mail.
We need to make phone calls and go door-to-door. We must have data collection, better marketing, a better Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign – or we will lose.
I hold workshops to train millennials in advanced marketing and advertising tactics for political campaigns. We need to hold more of these kinds of workshops, to educate and inform conservatives, libertarians and Christians how to be effective.
For too long, conservatives, libertarians and Christians have been identified with a narrow set of issues.
Now, we need to stand for something – to help restore the American dream.
Essential 3: Register people to vote.
Democrat Socialist organizations purposefully collect data. They go door-to-door in some neighborhoods, contact people on the phone, hold potlucks and community forums and sign people up for Obamacare and other social services to collect data.
Then they find out who isn’t registered to vote … or who is an infrequent voter…
And they make sure everyone is registered to vote … and does vote on election day.
They make sure people get vote-by-mail ballots.
We need to do a better job of educating and informing non-registered conservatives, libertarians and Christians on how to vote for people who will uphold their beliefs.
Ballot harvesting should not be allowed … but it is. And Democrat Socialists are going to use it.
That’s why we need to use the same tactic, or we’re going to see another “blue tsunami.” We need to help people to register to vote – especially at churches, where there are millions of potential voters who aren’t voting.
Through election time, churches, small groups and individual ministries can educate people how to vote their values and help people fill out their ballots and turn them in. And, the Sunday before election time, churches can designate a special “Ballot Sunday” where congregants can bring their ballots to church to fill them out and turn them in.
Essential 4: Make it easy to know who to vote for.
Democrat Socialists created powerful, unified voter guides to get out the vote (GOTV).
We must do the same thing. People want trusted advice.
My websites,, and had close to 1 million voters using our recommendations.
This number must be greatly multiplied … reaching voters nationwide.
We need to hold events and educate voters so that they know how to elect conservatives, libertarians and Christian candidates.
Essential 5: We need to use the most advanced marketing possible.
We need to outdo the Democrat Socialists in their branding and positioning, in their outreach and in their marketing efforts.
Trump’s team outperformed Hillary’s team – a team that was 4 years behind all the great new advances.
One of the most advanced strategic tactics I use is called “geo-fencing,” which sends targeted videos by Facebook, pre-roll and Google to the cell phones of people who have visited certain locations or events, such as churches.
This high-level digital strategy has allowed me to reach voters with a targeted, relevant and critical message they need to hear.
For example, I ran a campaign for a conservative candidate with zero name- recognition and less than $100,000. He was running against three well-known candidates and the Republican establishment.
And yet, he nearly made it to the top two – which in California, is a nearly impossible mission.
How did I do it?
First, I tied his campaign to a petition against California’s horrific “Ban the Bible” bill.
Then, I geo-fenced residents of the district he was running in who had gone to Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade and Franklin Graham’s crusade.
I also geo-fenced over 50 churches in the same area, targeting people who had gone to church in the past 6 months. We reached 95,000 people with Facebook ads, pre-rolls ads and Google ads for this candidate’s campaign.
The results were amazing: 942,000 impressions of the campaign … and 288,000 video views.
If we use geo-targeting in 2020 to GOTV and spread our message, the results could be extraordinary.
But we need to start right now in order to stop the blue tsunami from gathering strength and size.
Essential 6: Win the Evangelical vote.
A war has been waged on Christianity in this country – against individual Christians, Christian values, homeschooling, churches, Christian businesses and more.
Conservatives, libertarians and Christians need to win the Evangelical vote with their pro-faith, pro-family and pro-freedom message.
This includes mobilizing the Evangelical voter.
Unfortunately, many Evangelicals do not vote. In fact, 45-55% of 80 million Evangelical voters do not vote.
Trump knew how to reach the Evangelicals in the 2016 election. He ran on a pro- life, pro-religious freedom platform that spoke to Christians who are opposed to abortion and coming under increasing attack for their faith.
And he won because of the advanced GOTV outreach he did to Evangelicals in key swing states.
Now, we need to educate Christians on how to vote from a Biblical worldview on core issues like abortion, the sanctity of life, Israel, helping the persecuted church and Christian civil liberties.
And, we need to help wake up pastors to speak out and speak up for family values.
One of the things I do to mobilize Evangelicals is to hold Election Forum events at churches to educate Christians on how to vote their values. In fact, 81% of Evangelicals will vote Republican, if motivated and instructed on how to vote.
The problem is, many of them don’t know how to vote, and don’t know what kind of an impact they can have on their city, state and nation.
The #1 thing to do that will completely transform the vote is church ballot harvesting.
Before the election, everyone brings the ballot. They fill it out (with a voter guide) and give it to the pastor to hand-deliver. 200–20,000 ballots can be done at one time!
Do Something – Be Proactive and Make a Difference

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