June dinner meeting and swamp monsters

UPDATE: due to some issues with the email system it seems that notifications for the last two posts to the blog were never sent out. This is an attempt to remedy that situation. Hopefully it works.  Info about the June meeting is at the bottom of the page.

If there was ever any doubt of the truth of Lord Acton’s dictum, “All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” the current state of the Deep State, and the Democratic Party lays it to rest. Unfortunately corruption is catching, and a good deal of the Republican Party is clearly also infected. Yes, yes, I know: “Never criticize a fellow Republican.” In deference to the Gipper I will refrain from naming names, but we all know. We know.

But when it comes to bald-faced, criminally insane rapacity I grant the Democratic Party has no peers. The Donks can hold their own even in the company of such colossal corrupto-crats as African potentates, presidents of ex-Soviet prison states, Mexican drug lords, Chinese officials and Arab slave traders In comparison practitioners of the world’s oldest profession are shining models of restrained free market virtue. Give ’em a cheer, boys and girls! Hip hip! Hooray! And thank the bought and paid for media that keep such grisly scenes from our innocent eyes. Them’s what’s got ’em, anyhow.

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Evidently DC is in quite the panic, which, frankly, makes me glad. About time. See Gateway Pundit and The Daily Caller for more details. Petard, going up.

That’ what makes this June’s monthly dinner talk so fascinating. John Oliphant is going to talk about the Swamp. You absolutely don’t want to miss this one. It is going to be delicious.

The next Republican Club dinner talk will be on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

Featuring John Oliphant speaking on “Draining the Swamp.”

Where: John XXIII Room, Parish Center, St. Bede’s Catholic Church
215 Foothill Blvd, La Canada, 91011 (parking entrance on Crown)
Catered by: Elser of Ali Catering

Cost: $25/person for members; $30/non-members & non-RSVP; Students, auditors $5

RSVP: rcfoothills@gmail.com or 818-248-4600