Same old dagger

Instapundit, linking to the Carlos Slim Blog New York Times, asks, “Was Vietnam Winnable?” and answers: “Yes.”

Of course it was.  The United States could have won if it had wanted to.  We didn’t want to.  Per the Gray Hag Lady the national leadership did not push the war because they hated Uncle Cornpone [LBJ], who, despite micro-managing the war did not explain its necessity to the American people.  The American people got sick and tired of seeing their sons getting shot up for no good purpose turned against the war.

The argument is plausible in part.  Certainly LBJ didn’t rally the nation to the fight, and certainly Americans were horrified by footage of the war they saw on TV every night.  We were, after all, taking as many casualties in a month – and more! – that we took in Iraq in a year.  It is also of interest to note that the anti-war movement didn’t really get in high gear until it was clear that our policies weren’t going to lead us to victory.  Ironically, LBJ, who wanted to win, depended on General Westmoreland’s failed attrition tactics which could never deliver a victory, and NIxon, who wanted to end the war depended on General Abrahms’ Vietnamization policies which were very successful.

The real problem turned out to be the Democratic majority in 94th Congress who betrayed not only the United States, but the people of South Vietnam who trusted the US to fullfill out solemn treaty obligations.  By refusing to allocate the funds necessary for South Vietnam’s self defence the Democrats guaranteed a Communist victory in South Vietnam and set up the Communist take overs in Laos and Cambodia.  The result was millions of dead at the hands of Communist regimes.

The Democrats once again demonstrated their insidious anti-American bias when in 2003 they turned in lockstep against the war in Iraq, which they had supported up to that point.  Having failed to force an American defeat during the Bush administration it fell to Barrack Hussein Obama to abandon the Iraqi victory and open the way for the ISIS infection to spread misery and death over the Islamic world in the Middle East and North Africa.

Now we see that same treacherous support of bloody totalitarianism in the single minded war against the Trump administration.  Just as they were determined to squander the American victory in Iraq, just as they were committed to insuring a Communist victory in Vietnam, just so are they committed to destroying President Trump, his administration and the hope of an American restoration in America itself.

To all appearances they are through with brining about the dictatorship of the proletariat by slow marching through the institutions.  They thought Hillary would deliver America to Socialism once and for all.  America, it seems, has other ideas.  Enraged by their disappointment they appear to be aiming to bring it about by violence and intimidation.  The respite we hoped to gain with Trump’s election will seemingly be much briefer than we had hoped.

WE, not they, are the Resistance.  Don’t believe their lies.  Don’t let their lies stand when you hear them spoken aloud.  Avoid crowds.  Do NOT settle for anything less than total victory.