Splish, splash

Old Facepalm (sounds like a brand of undrinkable cheap whiskey) dragged herself out of the woodwork again this week, with another email blast to try and shore up the Donks’ crumbling credibility.  Watching her fecklessly thrash around reminds me of watching somebody drowning, there is a great deal of splashing but no progress.  One is filled with pity, horror and the hope that the victim will grasp the life ring just to her right rather than drag would be rescuers down with her.

No hope of that.  The Socialist Democratic Party is determined to go down thrashing.  The real tragedy here is not that the Dems are sinking, but that they are committed to bring as many Americans as possible, and possibly the Republic itself, down with them.

Your humble correspondent has long thought that the destruction of America as constituted in 1789 is exactly their goal, ever since they became a wholly owned subsidiary of the CP USA.  Their motto seems to be, “We have to destroy America in order to save it.”  That their idea of salvation always and everywhere devolves into terror, famine, mass murder and abject, catastrophic and repeated failure is probably why so many Americans don’t want to be “rescued” by these people.

Their blind, unreasoning hatred of Republicans and all things Trump stems from the fear that their dream of seizing and holding total power in a shattered America will be thwarted.  That is why they can change their positions on any issue instantly and (please note!) in lockstep unanimity with a straight face, and can say, with no sense of irony, “I was for it before I was against it.”  It is Orwell’s duckspeak lifted from “1984” and programmed into our very own Leftist puppets.

Unfortunately a substantial part of the GOP politicians have either been co-opted or have not yet twigged to this fact.  It is high time they did, and only we, the People, are going to be able to wake them up. Remember, only you can prevent Democratic majorities.  Let’s be about it, then.