Re-becoming America

Trump, thank the merciful heavens, is President now, and has begun the process of dismantling the Marxist legacy of his predecessor.  It won’t be easy not least because of the demented intransigence of the lunatic Left.  Also, so many of the Republicans in Congress either never knew or have forgotten how to fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and the General Welfare.

A successful restoration of America will not happen if the American people, that’s We the People, you and me, sit back and depend on our President and elected Representatives to get the job done.  If we sit back we’ll be sliding back into totalitarianism in short order, guaranteed.

Joel D. Hirst, over at his eponymous blog, frames the problem in terms of rights:

Rights are only protected through their use. Just as a muscle grows strong from labor; or a mind becomes sharp through study – so our rights are only strengthened as we exercise them. Freedom dies not in an epic explosion of violence, an assault against those who defend her, but instead with a shrug as the lazy stop caring and wander off. Free societies, we forget, are a luxury; made of free people unsupervised by a sovereign or a big brother, interacting with each other in our perfect spontaneous order which has led to great prosperity product of those liberties.

America only becomes America, and Americans Americans, by daily exercising our God given rights and duties.  To paraphrase the Gospel, “Take up your rights and duties daily and follow Me.”  We nearly fell completely into disaster; we still hover on the brink; precisely because we failed to do just exactly that.

Over the last three generations we have gradually allowed ourselves to become silent and paralyzed.  Speaking out became uncomfortable, standing up became not worth the effort.  By slow degrees we were boxed in not so much because the Left was so strong but because we were so weak.  We traded liberty for peace.

Look where it got us; look where it nearly got us.

Typically, we didn’t wake up until the crisis was upon us, but we did wake up, and we made changes.  We have begun.  But the changes we have made at the ballot box will not last unless we make changes to ourselves, to our ways of thinking; our willingness to exercise out liberties and to our ways of acting; our willingness to exercise our civic authority which is a duty seldom spoken of these days.

We need to re-learn what our forefathers knew and we have forgotten.

There is no better training in the exercise of civic authority than the five part course offered by the Center of Self Governance.  In addition to their five part course they have all kinds of interesting things going on.  I strongly suggest that you, yes, YOU! get signed up with them, pick an area of interest and start acting like a real American.