The washing of the American mind

Over at PJ Media Richard Fernandez has an excellent and frightening article on the brain washing of America.  Socialism has deeply infiltrated all our institutions.  We all know it even if we don’t quite understand where it came from or how it was done.

Fernandez presents a convincing argument that the frenzied ranks of Social Justice Warriors our educational system is unleashing on an unsuspecting nation are not substantially different than Mao’s Red Guard in China.  People who were in China during that time vouch for the verisimilitude of the below clip, save nobody in those crowds were speaking English and anybody challenging the proceedings would have been beaten to a pulp.  That was China’s crazy time.  All the outside world knew is that thousands of bodies were floating down the Pearl River into Hong Kong harbor.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution is now forgotten history.  Yet important thing about the “Red Guard” movement was how artificial it was.  It was astroturf all the way. Behind the youthful Chinese faces was the aged figure of Mao Tse Tung and his political cabal. Like some malevolent spirit he projected his voice through a million gullible dummies carefully nurtured on propaganda and paranoia.

It was political theater, with designated villains and appointed symbolic heroes; with scripted dances and talking points. The Cultural Revolution was tremendously destructive, so corrosive that in the end, having lived out its usefulness, the puppet rebels were eventually liquidated by the puppetmasters.

The Red Guard movement began in the schools, let it be noted.  It is from our schools that the Left hopes to populate the upper reaches of the national leadership.  None of the political correct tripe with which our sons and daughters are being indoctrinated is ultimately intended for anything other than the destruction of America as it was constituted nearly 250 years ago.

The election of Donald Trump, whatever his failings, is a reprieve, a brief reprieve, from the descent into madness.  Use this time well, fellow citizens, there isn’t much of it.