The punks are at it again

Once again this weekend patriotic Americans were out showing their support for President Trump by having Make America Great Again rallies in various places.  Once again the invidious Left just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Styling themselves as “The Resistance” and dressing in black (so last season, darling, really!) with covered faces they showed up to show how much they can’t stand President Trump, the  Republican Party, Conservatives and America in general.

In addition to the usual shouting and taunting, pushing and shoving they went again for pepper spray to silence their opponents.  This is their idea of sweet reason and civil discourse. Only this time they received a surprise lesson in what’s what.

For one thing, the police were on hand and actually did their job, arresting a number of people who had crossed the line.  This is probably a result of the patriotic Americans learning an important lesson: the rule of law exists only where Democrats aren’t in charge.  We had previously noted that the forces of law and order in Democrat controlled polities removed themselves to a safe place passively watched as Marxist agitators attacked anyone in the crowd who was not clearly a supporter of the Left.  This is a welcome change. Keep it up, officers.

Even more significant is the fact the Americans are more willing to confront these agitators.  So there were numerous scuffles when the formerly silent majority pushed back, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically.  It is vastly encouraging that ordinary Americans are not taking the outrages of the Left any more.

The fact is that whereas there are sometimes truly vicious people on the Left, willing to do almost anything to gain power, but most of them are there simply for the excitement, with no firm commitment to the ideas (such as they are) they espouse.  In this they are much like the Germans of the era of National Socialism, either at your throat or at your feet.

Bunch of punks.