Fake Americans

The term ‘Fake Americans’ has recently made its debut to rave reviews.  That is, when liberals hear the words ‘Fake American’ they start raving.  This makes me happy, not simply because it sets Lefty hair on fire (so I’m some kind of pyromaniac; sue me!), but because it is so ironic in two ways.

First, because the Left always, always, always says that their opponents are lying when they make true statements that don’t accord with the Party line.  Do you remember how the organs of propaganda said over and over that George Bush lied about the sixteen words in his first State of the Union address?  Every one of those words was proven true, but because they wanted to undermine him and his administration they repeated the lie endlessly.  It was an effective tactic, he was never able to shake that label.

As a general rule, although the Left is very good at hiding the deliberations of their thought leaders (Progressives need thought leaders to tell them what to think, poor us have to make do with our own observations and conclusions), it is always possible to know what they are up to because they always, always, always accuse their enemies of the crimes they themselves have either committed or are plotting.  In this they follow Lenin’s advice: accuse the enemies of the revolution of the crimes you commit in the name of the revolution.

Think here of the accusations of Trump consorting with the Russians.  Nobody has been more flexible with the Russians than the Democrats, up to and (especially!) including the late and unlamented subverter in chief.  After the reorganization of the Soviet Union the KGB archives were briefly opened so we KNOW that the Democratic Party has largely been an extension of the Politburo since the 1970’s.

The second irony is that they lie constantly.  We have long known that the drive-by media is essentially a multi channel propaganda machine.  So when they recently came out with “Fake News” most Americans had a good laugh and promptly turned it against them.  What was true of Novosti (Russian word for News) and Pravda (Russian word for Truth) is true of the New York Times, CNN and all the other moonbat media.  The Russians used to say (albeit quietly), “There is no pravda in Novosti and no novosti in Pravda.”

Because so many Americans are waking up to this reality, at least to some degree, the Donks and their fellow travellers are growing desperate, trying all kinds of stratagems to discredit anybody and anything to the right of the center left.  The more desperate they get the more transparent the mendacity that underlies everything they do and are, and most people don’t like it.  Most people resent being lied to.

Even those that support the Left as a means of virtue signalling know at some level that the Social Justice Warrior dogmas they espouse are in reality monstrous whoppers.  So when a term like Fake American gets spoken out loud they know it is about them.  And because they know it, and they feel the sting of truth in it, they can’t endure the pain of exposure so they have a spittle flecked nutty to try and force a retraction.

In his new book, “Out of the Ashes – Rebuilding American Culture“, Anthony Esolen titles the first chapter, “Giving Things Their Proper Names: The Restoration Of Truth-Telling”.  Not having gotten quite through that first chapter I can see a whole raft of philosophical, psychological, Biblical and theological reasons why this should be so.

Just as propaganda is Fake News, and political correctness is Fake Sanity, in like manner those who do not support the the Constitutional order are Fake Americans.  And they need to be called on it.

Silence only abets the lie.