This may be nothing, but…

The following is taken from a thread on 4chan/pol/, that is, a political board on the site known as  Therefore it must be taken with a substantial grain of salt.  Your correspondent has selected the relevant portions and presents them here without the vileness.  The term “Pol” used in the salutation below addresses all persons on the /pol/ board, that is, people interested in discussing politics.  (h/t Vox Day)

Hello Pol,
I am an insider with the Biden campaign team and have been tasked with lurking here over the past month or so trying to monitor and report on what information is being discovered and passed around on the web. Pol seems to get news on the election and fraud claims faster than any other outlet the campaign team is familiar with.
Anyway, I wanted to drop some slightly early news on you. Late this evening, the campaign received an advance copy of Sidney Powell’s lawsuit that she plans on filing tomorrow in Georgia.  [When a suit is filed it is customary to provide the person sued with a copy of the suit. – Tamquam]
I’ll just say this – a lot of people in the building lost their shit after seeing it. Not only does it make a metric ton of bombshell accusations, she appears to the goods to back up many of her claims. I have some experience with lawsuits, and I don’t recall ever seeing one with this many exhibits.
I won’t claim to be “in the know,” with respect to what fraud actually occurred or what level was approved or authorized by the big wigs at the top, but I will say that the mood around here has taken a serious turn. Earlier this evening, everyone was basically still in party mode, especially following the GSA decision yesterday to release the transition funds (champagne!). Since receiving the suit this evening, no one has heard from either Joe or Kamala and everyone is acting like it’s really, really bad.
I don’t want to say too much, except that the suit alleges some really, really bad things in the form of what amounts to basically bribes and pay-to-play schemes and implicates high level DNC operatives and GOP members in Georgia. There is some really meaningful witness testimony, including a couple of whistle blowers (DNC ops that worked on this campaign) that actually admit to being complicit with vote switching and ballot stuffing.
I’ll try to answer what I can, but don’t want to get too specific.

Do you work for biden? Are you an insider?
Is kraken going to be released?

Member of the campaign team, can’t (too scared) provide anything without outing myself. To be honest, I don’t particularly care if anyone believes me at this point. The suit is going to be filed a few hours from now and everyone is going to know anyway.

Why would they send a copy of the lawsuit report to the opposing counsel [Answered above – Tamquam] lmao. These larps are getting worse ans worse

I honestly have no idea at this point. Before tonight, I would have laughed and said you’re delusional if you think Trump won. But the reaction around here tonight is really scaring the shit out of me.

We haven’t heard from the higher ups in hours. I haven’t been told to worry yet, but the shift around here is palpable.
The suit is…comprehensive. A lot of it talks about the Dominion software and the pay-to-play implications of having it installed in Georgia, the modifications to the system and the alleged money that changed hands between officials at dominion and state officials in Georgia. There’s a lot of discussion about some executive for Dominion that made a bunch of red flag modifications to the system right before the election that were against protocols or something. Then there is a lot from whistleblowers who testify to taking part in vote switching and ballot adding.

Prior to today were you actually of the belief that the election wasn’t fraudulent?

I am just telling you what I saw.
I assume it could change results wherever the Dominion software was used? I’m not sure how many states that is, but some of the claims related to a Dominion didn’t seem to be “state-specific.”

It wasnt just the machines pic related. Also over on the chinese guy released a video and its up on twitter of a chinese guy looking at fake made in china u.s. ballots and ordering more of them

I didn’t personally receive it. I don’t know if this was technically a “service of process.”
I believe it was emailed to us and then printed copies were made.

The machines used in Maricopa County AZ were not even certified as prescribed by statute.
Another “glitch” was discovered from a rural county tonight, narrowing Biden’s lead in the state to 4000 votes before we deal with the numerous issues in the largest aforementioned county.
The legislature is having a hearing on 11/30.
AZ is still very much in play for Trump.
96 miles.
That’s how long the Trump Train of cars was in Maricopa County.
96 miles of Trump supporters.
Home of Luke AFB.
Upper middle class and full of veterans and retirees.
Maricopa County did not vote for Biden.

Don’t want to scare you, anon. But it seems lot of people are going down. And they usually look for a scape-goat. Be careful. Don’t talk to FBI, they seem to be compromised. When you see Mil uniforms, stick with them and don’t let go.

Ugh.  Had to sift through a lot of nonsense to get that.  Very interesting, very exciting if true.  As usual, you will know a prophet is a prophet when his words prove true.  I pray it the outcome will be justice and truth.

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