Assassinating the 1st Amendment – UPDATED

For the last few years the major online social media platforms have been demonetizing, de-platforming and flat out banning hundreds of improperly “woke” channels, pages and feeds.  While sites that advocate for violent jihad, the sexualization of children and the violent overthrow of the government remain untouched, conservative channels have been shut down.  On October 15, 2020 Youtube de-platformed hundreds of conservative voices on the internet.  Anyone who fails to meet the ever shifting left wing, progressive “community standards” has been made persona non grata and cast into the outer cyber darkness.

In the video below the author of SGT Report recounts and documents how his channel was booted off of Youtube.  Hundreds of the larger channels have already been banned, and now they are going around silencing the medium content creators.

UPDATE: It seems to be coordinated across several platforms.

This move was anticipated by many, and those with foresight have moved their productions onto alternate channels which have sprung up in response.  Here are a few of the alternatives.

There are others, more all the time, which I hope to show you on this site.  But the old sites, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., are wholly owned by the hard core left and are bent on promoting the left’s agenda – including their political candidates – and silencing the voices of dissent coming from conservatives, Christians and American Patriots in general.

Together they are the public voice of the Globalist Marxist organization some have called The Cathedral.  The Cathedral is a network dedicated to seizing control of all human beings for the satisfaction of their insatiable lust for power and wealth that is characteristic of the Globalist elites.  Their doctrines and dogmas are recipes for human misery, poverty – cultural, material, moral, intellectual and spiritual – slavery and death.

The purpose of all this muzzling of independent, conservative news and commentary is, in the short term, to advance a Democrat victory in two weeks’ time which will enact the soul destroying progressive agenda for all time – or so they think.  This has been the dream of evil since it blighted Eden, the utter subjugation, corruption and destruction of all freedom, goodness, truth, beauty and love.

Here’s news – the Cathedral’s evil agenda cannot succeed, though it may for a time achieve a universal triumph.  For Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Freedom and Love abide, however imperfectly manifested by fallen humanity.  They were present before the Blight, and have a Greater Author Who does not flag or fail or lose faith even when we do.

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