Brewing up a revolution

By now everybody knows that the Democrats are going to cheat like crazy to win come November.  And if they lose anyway they are going to cheat like crazy to get rid of Trump and install one of their own.  And if they can’t install one of their own they intend to make life Hell for the rest of us in order to de-legitimize the, to them, illegitimate results.  There’s no secret to this, they are telling us themselves.  Their drive for power knows only one rule, heads we win, tails you lose.

There will be more to it than simple voter fraud, though there will be plenty of that.  They have honed it into a fine art over many years of practice.  If they have their way they just need to print, pack and deliver as many boxes of Emergency Ballots TM as needed.  Since they want universal vote by mail which will delay the count they will have plenty of time to get their counts right.

Of course we know that this is an amped up panic response to the unexpected loss of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the approaching fulfillment of Hillary’s prophecy, “If that S.O.B. wins we’ll hall hang from nooses.”  She was supposed to lead America through crisis, usher in the surrender and dissolution of the United States as another slave to the Glorious World of Next Tuesday (with Chinese characteristics).

All revolutionaries follow a plan, nothing is spontaneous, nothing is off the cuff.  Just as Black Lives Matter leaders are trained Marxist revolutionaries (as are Antifa, though many are slow to recognize it), the entire network of the Marxist revolutionaries are following a strategic plan worked out long ago.  What has only recently come to light is that there are detailed tactical plans as well as strategic plans.

I give you Michael Anthony McFaul , an American academic and diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014.  A commenter on Vox Day tells us more:

Michael McFaul has surfaced again. He’s the Stanford professor who was Obama’s ambassador to Russia and the creator of that idiotic “reset” policy, but before that, he was considered an expert on revolution, especially the Color Revolutions. According to McFaul, the seven factors necessary for a successful revolution are:

  •     A semi-autocratic rather that fully autocratic regime
  •     An unpopular incumbent
  •     A united and organized opposition
  •     An ability to quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified
  •     Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote
  •     A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud
  •     Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces

What I didn’t know is that the State Department under Hillary Clinton turned these factors into a program and exported it, using it to destabilize and overthrow governments all over the Arab and former-Soviet world, especially in Ukraine.

Hench Ukraine’s interest in keeping an eye on McFaul’s activities. Better still:

“But it was McFaul’s role in the U.S. interference in the Russian 2012 election that put in motion everything that followed. Perception makes its own reality, and the Russian perception is that McFaul and the Obama administration purposefully put their thumb on the scale of Russia’s presidential election to keep Putin from winning. McFaul has been banned from traveling to Russia, and in 2018 Putin approached Trump for permission to have Russian intelligence officers question McFaul about alleged illegal activities conducted while he was ambassador. While the Russian claims are unsubstantiated allegations, and their request facially absurd, the fact remains that when it comes to apportioning blame for the sorry state of U.S.-Russian relations today, one need look no further than Michael McFaul and his decades-long effort to create Russian “democracy” from whole cloth as laying the foundation for failure.”

In 2014, having made a thorough botch of trying to install American-style democracy all over the Arab and post-Soviet world, McFaul resigned and slunk back to Stanford, to resume teaching… until this past weekend, when he reemerged as a quotable expert on foreign relations: “Trump has lost the Intelligence Community. He has lost the State Department. He has lost the military. How can he continue to serve as our Commander in Chief?”

I keep thinking about McFaul’s seven prerequisites for a successful revolution. It looks to me as if we’re in Step 7 of the plan now: creating divisions among the regime’s coercive forces, to make it impossible for them to present a coordinated response to the riots in the streets. Having failed to install democracy everywhere else in the world, it looks as if McFaul and his ilk have decided to bring the revolution back home.

So of course the social media platforms as well as the entire mainstream media outlets are going to make sure we get the right result this time.  We can depend on the MSM to tell us only what we need to hear – that although Trump appears to have won in a landslide mail in ballots will flip that result once they are all counted.  Facebook and Twitter assure us that if the President or anyone else claims a Trump victory their posts will be deleted.  But only those claiming an Trump victory, claims of a Biden victory are allowed.  They intend that we get the result we should have had in 2016, no matter what.  The wrong guy can’t be allowed to win again, and all measures must be taken to insure that the American electorate does not interfere with the outcome.

So it looks like we’ll have to rely on God.  So hit them prayer bones!


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