Unmasking the lie of the mask

Most people have forgotten that in the beginning of this palannedemic nobody at the daily Presidential press conferences on the Flu Manchu wore a mask.  Not the President, not Drs. Birx or Fauci, not other members of the task force and neither did the press.  In fact the “good doctors” even played down the idea that wearing masks would be helpful, let alone necessary.

Suddenly all that changed.  Now its

“Masks, masks everywhere, morning, noon and night,
if I catch you not wearing yours you’ll give me such a fright!”

But the science is clear, based on 14 controlled studies, that except for specific purposes in limited circumstances and unless worn correctly masks are completely useless.  The below video demonstrates that, but there is no way to illustrate the inhalation side of the thing.

So, why, other than to gratify the psychologically deranged desires of the sociopathic control freaks and assuage the fears of the ignorant are accepting the imposition of this torture?  Hopefully it won’t be removed before you get to it.











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