Black lives matter

Black lives matter, as do all lives of whatever melanin content.  Black Lives Matter is radical Marxist revolutionary movement funded by George Soros’ Open Society.  Black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter, to them Black lives are expendable tools to leverage faux White Guilt and advance the Marxist revolution.  Black lives don’t matter to the Democrat Party.  If they did they would adopt the Republican Party platform.  Or simply just become Republicans.

    • Why not say Black Schools Matter, as we say?
    • Why not say Black School Choice Matters, as we say?
    • Why not say Black Families Matter, as we say?
    • Why not say Black Fathers Matter, as we say?
    • Why not say Black Marriages Matter, as we say
    • Why not say Black on Black Crime Matters, as we say?
    • Why not say Black Jobs Matter, Black Ownership Matters, Black Small Businesses Matter, as we say?
    • Why not say Black Unborn Lives Matter, as we say?
    • Why not say that God Matters Most of All who breathed the breath of life into Black Lives, and all lives? Why not say Black Churches Matter?(h/t John C. Wright)

Why not indeed?  Because Marxism requires a victim class whose misery can be weaponized against the society which has been marked for destruction and takeover.  Ever since the 1920’s the Communists in America have sought to incite a race war that would bring traditional America down and drive it into the waiting arms of International Communism.

The deeper the Democrats dive into their plot to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic and replace it with first a Socialist government and the a full fledged Communist surveillance/police state modeled after the People’s Republic of China, the more thoughtful people are seeing them for what they are.

People are waking up.  People are daring to speak.  The counter revolution is building.  The Donks are so desperate to destroy President Trump that they are destroying themselves  despite all the cover they get from their media allies.

These educated ladies know (how did they escape the K-12 Indoctrination camps?) that the United States was founded by Christians and the Founders well understood that the Christian religion was integral to and necessary for the survival of the new Nation.  One of the first expenditures authorized by Congress was the purchase of 20,000 Bibles for the moral instruction of the young.  Today when faith in Jesus seems to be at an all time low, instruction in Christian morals if not doctrine would go a long way to alleviating our problems, whether Faith is present or not.

[Sarcasm alert!]  Follow a religion that teaches us to love each other because we are all alike fellow children of God?   What a hateful idea!  Unbelievable!  Literally.  [End sarcasm alert.  You may now return to your regular state of mind.}

Which seems pretty self evident to me, but is simply unfathomable to the socially conscious and  majorly concerned who are casting about in random desperation to find the magic bullet that will put paid to racism and absolve them of their White Privilege/Guilt.  “Racism” used to have something to do with a preference for certain ethnographic characteristics and an aversion to others, but now just means, “Shut up.  You aren’t parroting my preferred bleeding edge PC talking points so I’m just going to call you names until I make you cry and you run home to Mommy, since I can’t come up with a rational argument so save my soul.  Not that I admit to having a soul, or you either, for that matter.”  Or just plain “Shut up.  Because reasons.”

See?  We care.

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