Gosnell – the meaning

Richard Fernandez over at The Belmont Club has an essay in which he absolutely knocks it out of the park.  Not only is the essay on point, The thoughtful and knowledgeable discussion in the comments is excellent, as it always is over there, and well worth your attention.  Here is the conclusion.

Though 3801 Lancaster Street seemed to stand on a major Philadelphia street in the apparent blaze of day  its doorways were really guarded by a spell that guaranteed that no one inquired into what happened within because everyone knew what was happening already. A knowledge not only that infanticide was practiced within but that most of us, in small or big ways, had tacitly given our imprimatur to it.

For the House guarded one secret that has not been touched upon in the cultural debate. That the real purpose of abortion is to make it impossible, once we have acceded to it, to object to anything else.

To understand 3801 Lancaster street maybe we should go back to  Moloch rather than to  the system of industrial execution that flourished 70 years ago. “Child sacrifice — “the ritualistic killing of children in order to please, propitiate or force a god or supernatural beings” was long practiced by the Incas, Aztec, many cultures in the Middle East, North Africa and in pagan Europe.  The question is: why?  What was its purpose that Moloch should be worshipped thus in his many names?

One theory is that child sacrifice was a sacramental device used to kill what we used to call “God” Himself.  Moloch’s problem was how to get everyone to belong to him and to no other. His answer was to arrange a radical crossing over, an extreme commitment, a journey beyond the pale so shocking that to embark upon it was to go beyond point of no return. There was no going back to God after that.  And once you had offered your child to Moloch there was no point refusing him anything else.

Killing your own child  – just as acquiescing to killing the Jews was to the German public — was a form of enlistment by complicity. It is the last and most decisive step in the extinction of freedom. Though apparently practiced upon the child the real target of abasement is the mother. And by extension it is all of us. That is the shame the conservative pundits felt. Not the shame of sexual guilt. It is the shame of having gone along. By consenting to be an accomplice in the destruction of her own child she binds herself mystically to the doctrine of Moloch. “You are nothing but meat. So take this child and eat. Do this in memory of you.”

And that is the reason why there can be no truce on these issues.  Any society that is so compromised at the core would no longer be a the United States of America, no matter if we do achieve fiscal responsibility.