Judicial karma

It seems that Obama’s been a little slow about nominating judges to various federal court benches, which is a good thing, given his radical Leftist proclivities.  And it seems that the Republicans in the Senate are gumming up the works for those he has nominated, also a good thing.  So much so that Harry Reid is complaining of Republican obstructionism and threatening to unleash the ‘nuclear option.’

Wait . . . Where have I seen this before? No! It couldn’t be . . . ! Yes, it is! This is the same thing that was happening during Bush’s administration. He’d nominate judges and the Dems would stall to make sure the courts didn’t get conservative judges while the Republicans complained about Democratic obstructionism. I seem to recall lots of noise about invoking the ‘nuclear option’ then too.

What goes around comes around, Harry.  Ain’t it a beach?