Ending the Great Hunkering

If there is one thing that these last few weeks have illustrated it is that whatever else is going on it isn’t business as usual.  Nearly the entire nation has been put in house arrest, locked in by terror, a terror fed hour by hour by the mainstream propaganda outlets.  All the while our businesses are dying and the jobs that sustain our livelihoods are evaporating by the million.

In my penultimate post I laid out the case for believing that the entire premise of the Wuhan flu is wrong.  In my last post I suggested possible causes for what we are undergoing and pointed out that we are committing economic suicide.  At the end of that post I wrote, “And if the government at whatever level will not officially give the word, then let We the People exercise our civic responsibility and practice civil disobedience, and JUST DO IT.”

There has been noise lately about a “plan to open the country” for business after this long, useless and highly destructive Great Hunkering.  Presumably these will be super geniuses with planetary brains that planned the partial shut down in the first place.  It was they who designated which were “vital” industries and workers and which had to be sent away to house arrest.  Now all those economic illiterates who have been clamoring for  Socialism with its planned economies are getting their first lessons in Marxism 101.

Millions of gallons of milk are being poured down the drain while consumers clamor for milk.  Millions of eggs are broken ind thrown away at the egg farms while eggs are hard to find at the store.  Millions of pounds of fruits and vegetables lie rotting in the fields.  Toilet paper shortages have become legend.  And this is just the beginning.  Meat packing plants are shutting down because their regular buyers are not buying.  Rural and suburban hospitals are shutting down because there are not enough patients.  All because governments at all levels, Federal, State and local are making decisions about who wins and who loses, based on what they “know” (and who they know will be most generous in return for a favor).

Now these mega brains are going to tell us how to start our business up again?  I predict a shortage of popcorn; it would be hysterical if it weren’t so horrifying.  Because, of course, some politician whose skill  set is lying while log rolling knows better than you or I what we need to do to get back on our feet and working again.  They will issue rules to the bureaucrats who will totally understand our unique situations and be completely flexible and helpful.  Yes, and I understand there are new hiring guidelines for expanding the Fairy Godmother Department so that even hetero cis females of age can apply.  You do believe me, don’t you?  Its gonna be great!

Meanwhile, as the nation’s productive sector faces ruin the Democrats held us all hostage because it would be a pity to waste such a lovely crisis.  To say that they acted like vultures would be blood libel against vultures who at least wait till their meal is dead before ripping it’s guts out.  No, they demanded our consent to having our guts ripped out if we were to receive any of the help we need at all.  I can only assume that the only reason the Republicans went along with it was the dire necessity of providing for the survival of the nations’s small businesses.

“Nice business you got there, Citizen.  It would sure be a shame if anything were to happen to it.  What’s it gonna cost?  Look, I’ll make it easy for you because I like you.  All I need from you is to trust me with your vote, the keys to your house and the password to your bank account.  Oh, and wear this ankle bracelet.  Its only temporary, we’ll take it off when the situation is normalized.  We pinkie promise.”

They held American businesses and the livelihoods of all who depend on them hostage to their demands for even more – MORE! – legislation enacting their leftist, anti civilizational agenda.  None of it actually benefits small businesses and their employees, none of it has anything to do with

It was rape, pure and simple, and having raped America once last week they raped us again this week.  I’ll wager that they already have plans underway as to how to rape us again next week.

If there was anyone in the world who still believed that the Democratic Party intended to honor the oath they took on assuming office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter,” they are now disabused.  If not the Constitution, to what allegiance are they bound?  Its not to us.

The Constitution does not bind us in a suicide pact.  We do have the right to petition for redress of grievances, as Governor Gretchen Whitmer is discovering.  In the present crisis the idea that government is going to “manage” the restarting of the economy is at least as frightening as the cause of the shut down in the first place.  Businesses that are still capable of operating know how to operate their businesses and should be allowed to do so unhindered by excessive government regulation and control.

Which is not to say that some oversight is not required.  In particular convalescent hospitals need to be looked at much more carefully.  Most of the deaths are in the older population and seem to be coming from people in these institutions.  These are not the most sanitary places as anyone with a nose can attest.  Any opening for business will need to hedge these places about with special care.

A very valuable lesson learned is that outsourcing production overseas is at best a risky way of doing business and that a great deal of manufacturing will need to return to our own shores.  Tax holidays and grants to repatriating industries are certainly in order.  A tax holiday for anybody laid off as a result of the lockdown might also be a good idea.

But as we have seen, give some people a little power and they can’t help going overboard and controlling things to destruction, or insanity, Governor Whitmer case in point.  The longer this lockdown continues the worse it is going to get.  It is time to reopen now.  Given what we now know about the data we should have ended the lockdown weeks ago.  All the special rules and restrictions on individual liberty must be rescinded in their entirety once this is over.

Businesses can begin the process of opening again to the extent that they can even if permission has not been granted by the local or State authorities.  If local officials object local businesses can very well band together and present those officials with the hard reality that businesses and the jobs they create are the foundation of the tax base that sustains all government and government services.  And, unless the Democrats get their way with national vote by mail and vote harvesting, elections are just around the corner and memories of recent events will be fresh.

It is not the case that the entire economy has come to a standstill, parts are still functioning and these will act as a leaven on the rest.  It will be a scramble, there will be shortages and many things will limp for a time.  There will be shortages, there will be frustration and disappointment.  We are Americans and if there is one thing that Americans do better than anybody else in the world it is figuring out how to get things done.

Let’s end the lockdowns now and get on with the job at hand, making America great again.