It ain’t voter fraud if its policy

My good friends of many years, Maria and Jose (not their real names) are native Mexicans and naturalized American citizens.  Maria has been a registered Republican for many years, Jose has ignored politics and had never registered to vote as he thinks they are all crooks anyhow.   They live in North East Los Angeles which is very heavily Hispanic.

Last month Jose got a voter guide in the mail, but Maria did not.  This was strange so  I suggested to Maria that she might want to check her voter registration as rumors had been circulating that party affiliations were mysteriously changing in the Secretary of State’s database.  She did and, lo! she was not registered at all!  Neither was Jose.

So I guided her where to go online and register and helped her complete her registration as a Republican.  Jose also chose to register, and I asked him why, as he had always disdained politics and voting.  Because, he said, President Trump had taken strong pro life actions, not just talk, adding that for him the life issue is critical and he wanted to support the President.  So I helped him register as a Republican as well.  They then printed their proof of registration sheets that the system provides.  A few days later Jose gets a voter guide in the mail, but Maria does not.

I will digress here to mention a fact about the online registration process.  In order to complete the registration you must provide your drivers license number or your California ID number.  It is voter suppression to require ID at the polling place but not when registering?  Naturally if it weren’t for double standards the Donks wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Come election day they go together to their local voting center to cast their ballots.  The lines are long and they had to wait an hour to get to the head of the line.  When they get there there’s a problem.  When they inform the person doing intake that they are Republicans the woman recoils and tells them that they can’t vote Republican here but that they can vote Democrat, would they like to change their registration to Democrat so they can vote right away?

By the time they got to the head of the line Maria was already smelling a rat as she had overheard time and again that same person saying to others who were not registered Democrats (there had been no Republicans, evidently Maria and Jose were the first that day),  “Oh, you’re an Independent (or whatever) but you can vote Democrat, would you like to change your registration to Democrat?”  They would generally make that change on the spot and proceed to vote.  And of course there were helpful people to assist the voters make sense of the new voting system and show them which buttons to push.

So Maria got insistent that she wanted to vote for Trump and nobody else.  So they looked up Jose in the system and sure enough they found him and sent him to a machine but offered no help.  Jose is blind in one eye and does not manage English well but he managed the machine as best he could and thinks he got it right.

Maria was another story.  They couldn’t find her in the system, they told her.  If they could register her as a Democrat she could vote right away, was she sure she didn’t want to vote Democrat?  Maria was sure.  They eventually found her name but the address was her daughter’s address.  In short she was told she could not vote and was sent away.

As the day wore on and she reflected on what had happened she got madder and madder.  So that evening she took her son who had not voted and went to exercise her right to vote.  She went first to the school where she had been turned away earlier, but the lines were long, so she went to the voting center at the church and the lines were longer so she went to the library where the lines were not as long.  There she stood in line for almost three hours chatting with people in line.

Everyone seemed to be agreed, they had to get rid of Trump.  Now, understand that Maria is kind, gentle and gracious lady, but doesn’t let herself be pushed around.  So she asked, why do we need to get rid of Trump?  Well, she was told over and over, because he’s so nasty and is destroying the country!  Yes, she agrees, he can be rude and crude, but I don’t care about that I care about what he’s done for the country.  Here are three things he’s done for the country, and she ticks them off on her fingers, one, two and three.  And what have the Democrats done?  Nothing!  They’ve spent three years trying and failing to tear him down.  You tell me, what else have they done?

By the time she got to the head of the line she was boiling.  She loudly told the poll worker that she had been denied her right to vote earlier in the day and that she was going to vote and that was that.  They again tried to get her to vote Democrat (and were visibly surprised that she was a Republican), but she refused, and told them that if they were going to be trying to pull that again she was going to take out her phone and record them.  They eventually got her property registered as a Republican and was shown to a voting booth where she worked the system as best she could as they did not offer her the help they were so solicitous to offer everybody else.

Several things to note here.

I.  The electronic records are at best in disarray and cannot be trusted.

2.  Jose got a voter guide even though he was not registered, and got another when he did register, but Maria did not.

3.  Maria’s longstanding Republican registration was erased from the system and her fresh registration had been disappeared from the system less than a month after it was submitted online.

4.  There was an organized effort to get non Democrats re-registered as Democrats on the spot and massive assistance to have them vote accordingly.

5.  Maria was told that she could not vote Republican at that polling place.

6.  The turnout among the Hispanics was HUGE, I want to know why, and uniformly anti Trump.

7.  It occurs to your humble correspondent that the anti Trump and anti Republican propaganda should be checked for hypnotic language patterns in both English and Spanish language broadcasts.

8.  There seems to exist a widespread and well organized effort among poll workers to actively promote the Democratic Party at the polls, which is purely illegal, while actively suppressing others.