The Duffel Blog has the story:

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – United Nations weapons inspectors have confirmed the announcement on Monday by the Iraqi government that its soldiers had finally discovered Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program, completely upending the history of the Iraq War, once viewed as a pointless quagmire but now seen as a tough but necessary conflict.

The New York Times became the latest news outlet to completely reverse itself on the invasion of Iraq, with an editorial now referring to it as “the greatest decision of the century.”

The weapons, more than five thousand sarin gas artillery shells, six thousand gallons of anthrax, and two crude nuclear weapons, were located on Sunday in a previously-undiscovered bunker on the Syrian border by a pair of Iraqis who were using the structure as a makeshift toilet.

Well, well, well.  I would guess that this is evidence that even the Mainstream Propaganda Machine can’t ignore, except that they have ignored so much else over the years, including plenty of evidence that these weapons existed both prior to and during the war, including that reported by the Iraq Survey group.  In so far as the latter is concerned, I recall very clearly all the “news” outlets trumpeting Dr. Kay’s words, “We found not WMD in Iraq” while ignoring the follow on sentence, “What we found led us to conclude that Iraq was a much more dangerous place than we had initially believed.”  But maybe I would be guessing wrong.  Maybe its because the occupant of the White House is no longer George W. Bush and the new occupant can wrap himself in the aura of satisfaction and relief that this news has engendered.