By their fruits you will know them

It has long been my contention that the Democratic Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Communism International (ComIntern), Communism being Socialism’s meaner, more ruthless big brother.  I don’t know who’s running ComIntern since the Soviet Union’s collapse thirty years ago but I’m willing to bet that it is pretty much the same bunch as ran it from the KGB’s First Directorate back in the day.   No, indeed, putting lipstick and eye liner on the old Stalinist Bear and calling him Pooh didn’t alter the character of the beast.

Whether you call it Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Leftism or Progressivism, in Abraham’s famous line, its still the same old serpent.  Andrew Breitbart had them pegged, “a bunch of control freaks.”  Yes, that’s it in a nutshell, these people are about power and control coupled with Lucifer’s own vision of humanity made over into something inhuman and bestial, the better to efface the Image of God.

In Virginia, now that they’ve taken the Governor’s office and both houses of the legislature, they are going for the brass ring. 

Please join me in welcoming the great State of Virginia into the Glorious World of Next Tuesday.  Our hearts go out to you, but you brought it on yourselves.  This is not a criticism because here in the formerly Golden State we have done the same thing.

But we’re not going to let it stay that way.