Hours could seem like minutes under Trump

The Peple’s Cube has done it again, published the meme of the hour.

From the website:

A Trump era remake of the Benghazi story ’13 Hours’ has just finished filming in Baghdad. Titled ’13 Minutes,’ it chronicles the short period from when the U.S. Marines landed at our Baghdad embassy to when the Iran-backed militias ran away losing their sandals.

Starring John Krasinski and Apache helicopters as supporting cast members, the remake is admittedly much more enjoyable than the Obama-era original, with a bigly satisfying ending. It was finished under budget and ahead of schedule, with an instant premiere in every US household on January 1, 2020.

No YouTube videos were blamed in the making of this movie.

Over at Instapundit Glen Reynolds publishes an email he received from John Ring, science fiction author:

UPDATE: John Ringo emails:

People keep missing something important about the airstrikes that ‘killed 25 militants’.

The militants were collateral damage. The target was multiple ‘hidden’ missile magazines for rather expensive Iranian SCUDs threatening Israel.

The strike cost the Iranians a shit ton of hard currency. It also pointed out we know where they hide stuff and can take out the “threat” at leisure.

And trying to storm the (fortress) embassy in Iraq was the best they could do.

This is exactly how US military power should be used.  When bad people start attacking our people, our embassies or other assets overseas there is nothing like a wallop with a big stick to put the problem in perspective for them.  If Iran wants to escalate they are certainly free to do so, but they will do so keeping a close eye out for America’s counter punch.  Nor should these counter punches be proportional.  On the contrary, they should be disproportionate precisely to drive the message home to people who just can’t get it otherwise.