Impeachment insanity, take 1

One of my Democrat friends (Hey!  Don’t you heave that tomato at me!) is complaining on Facebook about the Senate Majority Leader’s approach to the articles of impeachment.

Here is the oath the senators will take for the impeachment trial. Then listen to Moscow Mitch, who states his loyalty will be not to the Constitution, but rather to the White House. Then look back to the great integrity of the Republicans at the Nixon impeachment. What happened to them?

The video he references is at this link.

Being a naughty boy I just had to troll him.

Leo M. Walker What’s this? A sudden and wholly unexpected care for the Constitution! Wherever did that come from?

In the first place any impeachment proceedings are an entirely political process, the Constitution recognized this. Second, the current impeachment proceedings are not only wholly political, but fraught with all kinds of procedural “errors”, meaning entirely jiggered by the Party of Desperation. Just as the House is free to concoct whatever charges it sees fit based on whatever evidence it can produce, adduce, conjure or manufacture, just so the Senate can try the charges in any way it sees fit – or not.

I’m looking forward the impeachment proceedings against the next duly elected Demoncrat President, to begin the very afternoon of the day he or she takes the Oath of Office. Turn about is fair play, and payback is a bitch. Why can’t you loony Donks remember that from one time to the next?

Maybe because you are so blinded by the raw lust for power that can’t conceive that yet another of your cockamamie schemes could possibly fail as miserably as the last. And the one before that. Oh, and the one before that. And don’t forget the one before that. You guys should change your mascot from an ass to Wily E. Coyote.

Now some thoughts for grown-ups.  One hour of VDH laying down some heavy and timely perspective.