Reminder – GBRA meeting Wed. Nov. 20th

Adam Schiff is more than an embarrassment to the people of California and the nation, he is a clear and present danger.  Although he personally hardly has two synapses to rub together he runs with and is a chosen representative of a crowd that believe themselves morally and intellectually superior to mere ordinary Americans.  The Americans who have to turn in an honest day’s labor to earn our daily bread.  The Americans who by our taxes keep the government teat full and juicy for our erstwhile betters.

You know, us, The Deplorables.  Yep, and proud of it.

Because he has made such a hash of the so-called Resistance’s latest attempt at a coup against President Trump with his ludicrous impeachment “investigation” he isn’t in good odor with even his supporters.  The likelihood that he will redeem himself before next November is, oh, slim to nil.  In the first place because in the end there is nothing on which the removal of Trump from office can be legitimately based.  He has been the chief cheerleader for these endless Cry Wolf extravaganzas that don’t even turn up fleas where the wolf was supposed to have been.

As the Department of Justice continues to develop their investigation into the proven false allegations against the President, and the time for the final reports with – Oh, I so fervently hope – criminal charges and jail time approach, the Demoncrats will get ever more desperate, and their howls ever more frenzied.  If that were not enough their field of potential presidential candidates for 2020 are one and all loco losers.  Trump will wipe the floor with any of them, and the Donks know it.

Beyond the upcoming campaigning for the 2020 elections there are deeper issues, that for being seldom spoken of, are none the less vital to the continued existence of our beloved Republic.  Beyond the Left’s Orange Man Bad dogma is an attempt so set the country back on a Marxist track and so destroy the last, best, hope of mankind, at least at the level of culture and governance.  The American Revolution was a moment of Divine intervention into the affairs of men.  Should it be lost, even in its present reduced condition, there is nothing comparable to replace it, and won’t be in the foreseeable future.

This Wednesday evening Eric Early, a strong, viable Republican candidate will discuss his candidacy and what it would mean for CA28, California and the nation to boot Adam Schiff out of Congress.  I urge my readers to attend this meeting and to support Eric Early for Congress.  Details in the flyer.  To make reservations simply click on the flyer below to be taken straight to the reservation page.