. . . or maybe we can

Over at the Belmont Club Richard Fernandez comments on the internecine warfare that has recently erupted among Republicans upon Karl Rove’s announcement of his Conservative Victory Project.  It can be argued that all this is terrible and we are tearing ourselves apart when we should be sticking together, thereby undermining the Republican brand.  Certainly our ‘friends’ in the media would have us believe that (always willing to give us sage advice, they are, bless their pointed little heads).

I disagree somewhat with that analysis.  We just got our backsides handed to us in an election that we should have won handily despite the usual Democrat dirty tricks.  This is precisely the time for the Party to get together, figure out what happened and hash out solutions.  That, I believe, is exactly what is going on.  We lost in part because, yes, the dirty tricks were more pervasive and better coordinated than usual, but more to the point, we lost because the Republican Party had not yet completed the discussion we are now having.  We absolutely need this discussion, no matter how unpleasant and heated it may at times get.  In fact, the more forthright and passionate, the better.  When it is done we will have clarified our vision, purified our principles and fortified our political resolve.

It might be argued that we really don’t have time for this, the crisis in NOW!  We gotta do something right now before it’s too late!  No we don’t.  We’ve already put this off for two cycles and if we don’t do it now we will have put it off for three cycles and be, not only no nearer to resolving the crisis, but deeper in it.  One thing I’ve learned in my life is that there is always time to do it right the second time, or in this case, the third time.  Let’s not make it the fourth time, we might not get the chance.

But the Democrats are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds!  Uh-uh, not so much.  There are still powerful checks to their ambitions.  But they’re united and we’re running Chinese fire drills!  Yes and no.  The Democrats are by nature collectivists, we individualists.  They will always try to put up a solid front, it is part of their modus operandi.  Note, please that their front is cracking, not starting to crack, cracking, and will ultimately collapse.  Their whole political machine runs on payola funded by tax dollars.  A big part of their problem is that as the boodle dries up they can’t quite make the payoffs they’ve promised.  This is a trend that they are utterly unequipped to reverse, their own rapacity guarantees it.

Lincoln expressed it admirably: a house divided cannot stand.  The Republican house has been divided for a long time.  This fight is about the principles of unity that can, and will, restore the Party and the Nation.  Let’s not fear to get on with the first so we can get on with the second.