So little time

So much going on and me spinning like a top.  First and foremost, news from the LAUSD.  The Los Angeles Unified School District is jumping the shark and going off the rails.

First, LAUSD is backing proposition EE in the election on June 4th. A  yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the district to levy an annual parcel tax—a kind of property tax based on units of property rather than assessed value—for 12 years at the rate of $0.16 per square foot of building improvements to fund educational improvements, instruction, and programs.  It started out as $0.16 per square foot of habitable space, but it moved to per square foot of improvements; that’s a lot of mission creep!  They are doing this because, despite the claims of educational improvements, they have a huge problem funding their retirements programs.  Not only have they made unsustainable promises they have (surprise!) mismanaged what they already had.  We’re the suckers they want to pick up the shortfall.  It was placed on the ballot now in the hopes that the traditionally low turnout in the off year election will enable them to slip it past a generally disinterested and distracted electorate.

Next, our educational commissars are at it again!

Sacramento — California has overhauled its guidance for teaching sex education in public schools, encouraging teachers to talk about gender identity with kindergartners and give advice to help LGBT teens navigate relationships and practice safe sex. LGBT advocates praised the new recommendations for giving such attention to a community that often is left out of sex education policies.

All this garbage is pushed on us by the lunatic adherents of an anti human civilization destroying millenarian death cult. A couple of resources for y’all: and which looks like a business site but is more than that. And you might also be interested in and her Manifesto for the Family.

Yesterday President Trump gave a pretty good speech on immigration.  The most interesting thing about this proposal is that he did not consult lawmakers about any of its provisions, rather law enforcement and immigration professionals.  The result, though not as restrictive of immigration as I would have hoped, is clear and practical.  Now, of course, it gets handed over to Congress to turn it into legislation sausage.  That should keep them busy enough so that other things can be done while they squabble.

Meanwhile the Barr investigation of the Mueller investigation continues apace, and continues to provide lots of popcorn worthy entertainment.  With the appointment of John H. Durham, the United States attorney in Connecticut, the uncovering will pick up speed.  The Dems, of course, are in terror for their lives, many of which, if justice is served, will spend their golden years in prison.  I sure hope Barr, Durham and the gang have great Secret Service protection.  We wouldn’t want any of them to hide the gun with which they committed suicide the day before they were due to testify, would we?  I’m looking at you, Hillary.

There is even international fallout from this.  It seems that Salvini in Italy has suddenly asked for the resignation of the Deputy Directors of six major Italian intelligence services.  Rumor has it that Italy is about to give up the goods on former CIA director Brennan!  I have no clue what that’s about, but it sounds like good news for the good guys.

Interesting times.