Restoring our youth’s minds = restoring America

Modern education has become a tragic joke.  One hundred years ago our grandparents and great grandparents were required to learn Latin in school to serve as one of the basics for transmitting Western Civilization.  What education inflicts on kids today is designed not only to undermine Western Civ but make it impossible for young people to receive the culture that made Americans a moral people and America the greatest nation the world has ever known.

It is necessary but insufficient to curse the darkness that our schools have become.  It is even more necessary to kindle a light.  Our young people’s minds must be fed with the intellectual and moral values that will make of them freedom loving Americans in a way that is not ham fistedly propagandistic.  I will suggest to you that they need to read classic stories as presented to earlier generations that will inspire, inform and enlighten.

These classics of literature for young people have become hard to find as they have been long out of print.  The late Jerry Pournelle published one such volume, the California Sixth Grade Reader, unfortunately only available in Amazon Kindle.

The 1914 California Sixth Grade Reader with classical stories and poems that every high school student studied in that era. The same stories were read in most states, and the American culture of that era was profoundly affected by these stories. They remain relevant to those who care about civilization and are part of our cultural heritage. They’re also good stories. The poems were once as popular as any TV series, and learning to read and enjoy great poetry, while hardly taught in schools now, was once another great part of our cultural heritage. The small amount of work invested in learning to enjoy poetry will last the rest of your life.

Now a new and better alternative is on the way.  The Junior Classics are being reprinted!  Please note that you will not be able to find this by searching the intenet, you will only find it at the link in the button above.  I very strongly urge parents to invest in this wonderful opportunity to shape your young peoples minds.  These are suitable gifts for kids whether attending public schools or being home schooled.  I warmly recommend them.  There is nothing better you can do for the youth of our nation that give them the mind of an American.

The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, stories, and poems, both ancient and modern, suitable for boys and girls of from six to sixteen years of age. The boy or girl who becomes familiar with the charming tales and poems in this collection will have gained a knowledge of literature and history that will be of high value in other school and home work. Here are the real elements of imaginative narration, poetry, and ethics, which should enter into the education of every child.

This collection, carefully used by parents and teachers with due reference to individual tastes and needs, will help many children enjoy good literature. It will inspire them with a love of good reading, which is the best possible result of any elementary education. The child himself should be encouraged to make his own selections from this large and varied collection, the child’s enjoyment being the object in view. A real and lasting interest in literature or in scholarship is only to be developed through the individual’s enjoyment of his mental occupations.