Beware the big stick

The USS Abraham Lincoln has been ordered into Persian Gulf area along with an Air Force bomber group setting up the Big Stick to whack Iran when next it gets froggy.  The interesting thing about this is that it warns Iran that it will get bopped not only when it deploys the Iranian Revolutionary Guard directly against Americans, but when any of their proxies jump on us or any of our allies.  For some reason Iran thinks that it can continue to get away with literal murder, perhaps because President Trump is up to his alligator in Democrat anklebiters and will be too busy to deal with them.

Back in the good old days the Department of the Navy was not part of the Department of War, now known as the Department of Defense, it was directly under the authority of the President.  The result was the President could and did use the Navy and Marine Corps as his personal Big Stick.  Every once in a while some tin pot dictator somewhere would need to be reminded of who the Big Dog was and he would send the Navy and Marines on the odd punitive expedition to remind them.  Looks like the President has had just about enough of Iran’s high jinx and is going to put the kabosh on them.  Who knows but that the reason this is happening now has something to do with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard general that defected last month.  Ya think?

Iran seems to have forgotten what the US is capable of when we get irritated despite the recent reminder just over a year ago in Syria.  I posted on this last March over here.  Of course Mad Dog Mattis is gone now, and much missed I’m sure, nevertheless I expect that the guys at the pointy end will know what to do.  And will really enjoy doing it.