Can’t get Russia out of my mind

The Progressive True Believers are pretty much by definition insane.  At one point in time they were able to hold it together enough to pass themselves off as serious people with serious concerns deserving of a respectful hearing.  Trump, bless his heart, has goaded them into full hair on fire disclosure of who they really are, and evidently he’s not done yet.  Every day that goes by peels away another layer of the veneer of rationality, strips another mask off their collective madness.

It is such a great show.

Its not over yet.  The Donks are running scared.  Now that their man man Mueller has turned up a whole lot of imaginary Russian collusion they are in big trouble.  They fired torpedoes from all tubes at Trump only to find that Trump was never where they aimed their torpedoes, the torpedoes have circled around and are pinging hard on them.

Now they are in a panic.  They have nothing with which to spoof what’s coming at them, there’s no way to get out of the way and they’ve shot themselves dry.  Oh, individuals, to be sure, can and probably will plea bargain, some will opt out in less pleasant ways.  As a group they are doing everything they can to wiggle out of responsibility for what they did while hoping and praying that something else will come along to hinder justice long enough that it can be forgotten. But they are out of altitude, out of air speed and out of ideas.

Couldn’t happen to a nastier bunch of people.  The only thing that can save them is if the Administration loses its nerve and backs off.  I pray that will not happen.

I must say that it is good to see that at long last Lindsey Graham is doing us proud.  The horror of the Kavanaugh hearings seems to have infused some caffeine into his blood.  More, please.