Foreign influence

In the world of political influence the first question somebody in a position of power asks when meeting someone trying to gain their ear is, “Who sent you?”  That is, who do you represent and is that person or group supportive of my network?  In the world of infinite quid pro quo, what do you want and what’s in it for me?

Now that the Russia collusion fantasy has been exposed a question that in retrospect seems obvious would have been: What’s in it for Trump?  The best the daffy Donks seem to be able to come up with is that Trump would get to build a hotel in Moscow.  No, really, this is what they thought, or at least what they said they thought.  Pathetic.

Whereas it is true that Russia was working to influence American national policy and the 2016 election; big shock, they’ve been doing that since 1933; the fact that everybody else is also working to influence American policy has been overlooked.  The fact is that Russia has become a relative bit player in terms of dollars spent, the real danger from them is the hordes of mindless ideological slaves still bamboozled by the dreams of a Marxist Leninist Stalinist millenarian dystopia.  The more dangerous source of influence is tied to who has the money to buy this influence, and it ain’t Russia.