Why can’t they accept it?

Why can’t they accept the Mueller Report? Because the Neo-Marxists, call them what you will, are religious fanatics. They have made the Trump Russia collusion narrative a faith based claim, an infallible article of dogma.

They concocted it to explain away an inconvenient truth, that Hillary lost, and because she lost the dogma of the historical inevitability of the triumph of a Socialist Revolution has been undercut.

Typically when an end-of-the-world millenial cult pronounces of the end by a date certain, and they wake up the next day to find themselves still wandering between heaven and earth, the True Believers concoct wild and desperate explanations for why the final cataclysm failed to materialize on schedule. And always the last line is, “but its for sure next time.”

Review the histories. Socialism has failed catastrophically every time its been tried.  Every time if collapses into failure the adherents of that sad, dark and bloody religion say, “it just wasn’t done right.” Every time a new prophets rise up telling the same old lies, making the same empty promises, “this time it will be different.” Always there is a new crop of gullible and desperate fools to follow them.

America endures.