Deep state down

Typically when a coup fails the surviving potentate puts the conspirators to the sword.  Now that the coup against President Trump has failed it is my fondest wish that his administration search out, root out and lock up all those who conspired against him.  It would be good if some of these are actually lined up in front of a firing squad and duly ventilated, pour encourager les autres, to encourage – or discourage – the rest.

This is justice, that those who practice evil are discovered, tried and punished.  Oh, and one other thing, that they be exposed in public, the evidence, the process, the judgement, and finally the punishment must be seen by the people.  The sole clemency ought be nothing other than that it be swiftly accomplished.

For decades a growing cabal of Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Communists and their fellow travelers, Marxists all, have conspired to subvert every aspect of our nation from least to greatest.  They have insinuated themselves into our courts, our legislative bodies, our educational system, our entertainment industries, our information channels, our churches, our political class, our corporations, our intelligence services, our diplomatic corps, our military, our you-name-it, undermining, weakening and rendering them increasingly ineffective and counterproductive when not actually destroying them outright.

Rather than form a more perfect union they have fomented division.  Rather than establish justice they have perverted it.  Rather than insure domestic tranquility they have engendered strife.  Rather than provide for the common defence they have undercut our defences and supported our foes.  Rather than promote the general welfare they have promoted their own at the expense of all others.  Rather than secure the blessings of liberty they have curtailed it at every turn and continually seek to curtail it further.

All this has all been done behind the mask of false virtue, hiding their true purpose which was so elegantly and artlessly articulated by Immaculate Barry Soetoro: “… fundamentally transforming America.”  Many still take that mask at face value, foolishly supporting that transformation.  In their vaulting arrogance, so certain were they that the arc of history was irrevocably bent in their favor and were therefore invincible, that ultimate victory was finally in their grasp, that they let the mask slip.  So certain are they still of their revolutionary triumph that they have not fitted the mask back in place but redouble their efforts further exposing their naked lust for power and their grim determination to seize it at any and all costs.

One of the greatest evils of this macabre deformation of America has been that the common man who has staked his life on the rule of law has seen that the rules apply to him but not to those who declare themselves his moral superior.  Increasingly the United States has become a place where the powerful do as they please and the poor bear what they must, the simple rule of life in every squalid despotism throughout history.   The common man sees that the law that should protect him persecutes him while the self proclaimed great and the good commit the gravest of crimes and skate away unmolested, undisturbed and unrepentant.

Worse, these untouchable aristocrats mock him and all he holds dear as deplorable.  This burning resentment is tending to result in a general failure to trust and respect the law.  This is a huge problem because the moral glue that holds a society together is a widely held belief in and adherence to laws, customs and norms.  This is especially true in a republic which, unlike monarchies (rule by kings), oligarchies (rule by aristocracies) and democracies (rule by mobs), is ruled by laws which apply equally to all.  If there is no respect for the law chaos ensues as each man does as he pleases indifferent to the law just as he sees the powerful do.

A restoration of the Republic demands the clear execution of justice under the law.  All those, especially the most prominent public figures connected to this failed coup and their collaborators, must be brought to swift and public justice.  Only thus can confidence in the rule of law be restored, the Grand Republic healed, We the People once again united and our long national nightmare be over.