All they had to do was not be crazy

All the Destructocrats had to do was not be crazy, and they just can’t do it.  No, they had to go and elect the biggest, looniest bunch of nut cases they could find.  And what an orchard they found!  But first the bad news.

It has been painfully apparent for some time that the Donks are the Party of Geritol and Depends.  All their best people were old enough to remember the Maine.  There’s just something about Socialists that makes them congenitally unable to let go the reins of power.  Never the less some new blood has appeared in their ranks.  Now when the Grim Reaper drags their withered husks off stage left and escorts them to their very own Brimstone Bungalows in the Great Below there is a younger generation ready to step into the breach.  Not that that is going to stop Crazy Uncle Bernie.  His day is coming, and when it does he’ll find out what “Feel the Bern” is really all about.

Now for the good news.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, aka Occasional Cortex, every dumb blonde’s new best friend.  She is a walking, talking advertisement for burning down the Economics and International Relations departments of Boston University; what the hell, burn down BU altogether as a tribute to their good work, we’ll call it the Bonfire of the Inanities.  Every time she flashes her pearly horse choppers and rolls her crazy eyes she murders IQ points across the nation.

And speaking of murder, Ilhan Omar, the Muzzie from Minneapolis, hints (!) that she would be all in favor of restarting the Final Solution that came to such an unfortunately premature end in 1945.  What red blooded Somali girl doesn’t marry her brother to commit immigration fraud?  Or at least the ones that avoid getting killed for the honor of the clan.  Like AOC above, she is a committed Socialist and is working hard to introduce good Somali values into our legislative process, and make them mandatory across America.  She now serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committe, natch!

Combining the best of both worlds we present Rashida Harbi Tlaib.  A member of the Democratic Socialists, as is AOC, and like Ilhan Omar a Muslim committed enemy of Jewry, she combines the best of both worlds in one appalling package.  A fervid advocate of impeachment of President Trump she finds herself at odds, as do the two beauties mentioned above, with Nancy Pelosi, which is guaranteed to produce an absolutely spectacular internecine war among the Donks.  Stock up on popcorn and watch Holy Diversity at work.

As for impeaching Trump, Nancy “Botox” Pelosi says, maybe not, and Adam “Schiffhead” Schiff agrees.  But wait, weren’t these two just the other day snorting and pawing the ground to get started on hanging the President?  Wasn’t that pretty much what the entire Demoncrat Party ran on?  Why, yes.  Yes it was.  All of a sudden not so much.  I wonder why.  It’s not as if they need any actual proof of actual high crimes and misdemeanors, they make that stuff up on the fly every day.  Watch this space.

And speaking of snorting and pawing the ground, whatever happened to the Russians?  It seems like only yesterday they were colluding with Trump and influencing our elections.  Where did they go?  And where is the vaunted Mueller Report?  Do you mean to tell me the Commiecrats spent over two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and vast amounts of political capital to back up a lie intended to cover up subversion in the Justice Department to hide actual criminal activity in the Hillary Clinton campaign to deflect attention from high crimes and misdemeanors and, most likely, treason?  Of course.

And speaking of foreigners influencing our elections, how about voting that illegal immigrants invaders should be able to voteNo foreign influence there, much (on Mexican influence in the US).  Of course we need millions of immigrants with no English, little education, ignorance of our laws, history and culture, a high propensity for violence, and average IQs in the mid 80’s to do the jobs that American’s won’t: vote Democrat.  No wonder they are pushing for open borders, they need a more compliant electorate, now that regular Americans have disappointed them at the polls.

What!?  If election fraud, which is absolutely in their wheel house, won’t turn the trick, they are really in deep do-do.  Having failed to successfully promote their anti-free market, anti-self reliance, anti-Christian, anti-American agenda to normal Americans it seems that they are going all-in for the Socialist Hail Mary play pass.  This whole edifice is so shaky, so contingent, so absurd that defeating it should not be that difficult, even with Drive By Media hyping it day and night.

They are hanging on by their fingernails and they know it.  In the end we win they lose, the only ones who don’t know it is us.  Time for the GOP to start sprouting a spine and go after them on these issues.  Their craziness is the fruit of desperation, let’s exploit it.


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  1. Wow, this is so accurate. Amusing and yet all this is so upsetting. Tell everyone you know, you HAVE TO VOTE, or continue being overwhelmed by foreigners.

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