Preparation: Situational awareness

Not a lot of time to chit chat this morning.  Brevity is the soul of wit anyhow.

One of the peculiarities of my Naval career – such as it was – is that I spent my entire enlistment on the same relatively small ship.  That didn’t require a lot of intelligence gathering outside of paying attention to what other vessels and aircraft were in the vicinity.  So the whole idea of putting together a network to keep track of the situation on the ground is pretty much alien to me.  If we became aware of a situation on the ground that required our attention we cleared it up with naval gunnery.  No more situation.

Naval gunnery is no longer an option for me, alas, nor is it for you.  Those Problematical Situations aren’t miles away across the water, they are right here on land where they can easily walk over and say, “Howdy.”  The Ravishing Wife tends to criticize your humble correspondent for wanting to know what’s going on when a Situation turns up.  “Mind your own business” is her watchword.  A good watchword, to be sure, when it involves the neighbors two doors down having another marital knock down drag out, but not so good when something more unusual is happening.  I want to know so I can either get us the hell away from there or help if necessary.

So when Aesop of Raconteur Report linked to this I subscribed immediately.  Recommended for your attention.  Turns out that there is more to victory than feeding the guns.