Smorgasbord II

Trump signed that awful budget that only gave him a fraction of the money he wanted for the wall.  I don’t think he should have, but then the Coast Guard would have suffered despite the GOP’s efforts to insure that they got paid despite the shut down.  He then declared a National Emergency, evidently piggy backing on one of Obama’s pen-and-phone executive orders.  It seems as if Cocaine Mitch McConnell set him up, telling him that there were no bombs in the budget; there were plenty of bombs in the budget.  Now we get to do it all over again in September.  Expect a judge in Hawaii to file an injunction to stop any wall building.  Thanks, Republicans, you had your chance and you blew it ((‘m looking at you, Paul Ryan).

Meanwhile Nancy ‘Botox Babe’ Pelosi assures us that next time they have one of their own in the White House they could pull a National Emergency on gun control.  Fabulous!  Can’t wait to get civil war started, Nance?  I’ll bet the Demoncrats have been yukking it up in the back rooms planning that one.  I doubt if they’ll try it.  They are still moving ahead incrementally to disarm We the People.  I’ve seen a lot more Red Flag laws being implemented, and already there have been harmless, law-abiding citizens killed by police using no-knock 5AM SWAT tactics to confiscate weapons.  I suspect that if they go for a National Gun Confiscation Emergency they’ll get a lot more emergency than they bargained for.

After two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars Bob Mueller’s Russia Collusion probe seems to be coming to an end, not with a bang but with a whimper.  Don’t expect to see a public report or even a clean termination, it will simply be allowed to sink into the Memory Hole.  The Senate investigation reports that they can’t find anything, but you’ll never see that on the organs of propaganda.  But our very own Rep. Adam ‘Schiff for Brains’ Schiff promises that the House will continue to investigate.  That will at least keep him busy and out of trouble, up there on his high chair horse.  Thanks, Republicans, you had your chance and you blew it.

Meanwhile, bit by bit, the Intelligence services’s conspiracy to engineer a coup against a duly elected and sworn President is being exposed.  A great many in upper management of the FBI have already been fired.  But firing is not enough, they need to be prosecuted and, at least some of them, executed for treason.  Most of these seem to have close connections to the Democratic Party and the Wannabe Felon in Chief – unexpectedly.  Our national security is dependent on these agencies, and we find them more interested in feathering their own nests by acting as moles for a domestic subversive power, the Communist International masquerading as American patriots.  All these agencies, and no doubt many more, need to be swept with a cleansing fire.

The private sector is not off the hook either.  The Drive By Media we all know about, and their fake news has become laughably transparent, fortunately, and more and more people are deserting them.  More insidious are the big social media sites that have been acting as gatekeepers for the Left.  Mircosoft recently set up a trusted news code on their Edge browser that labels any approved Lefits propaganda “Trustworthy” and all else “Fake.”   Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube have all taken steps to censor any voices not firmly in the Progressive camp.

But it is not just the social media giants de-platforming and de-funding unapproved thought, but the payment portals such as PayPal, Patreon and GoFundMe among others have refused to honor their service agreements with clients whose opinions they oppose.  Nor is it simply these internet portals, the credit card processors and banks have also instituted lists of approved and disapproved providers of goods and services whose earnings they allow or withhold on ideological grounds.

Congressional oversight of this sector is needed but unlikely in a Congress dominated by a majority who live comfortably in the pockets of these Liberal billionaires.  The good news is that as a response to the effort to control adverse information by all these Lefty platforms, alternative platforms are springing up.  Despite the efforts of these closet totalitarians We the People just aren’t shutting up and lying down.  One place that this shows so clearly is in the free choice of millions of people to support or not Leftist aligned organizations with their consumer dollars.  Dick’s Sporting Goods is on the ropes as a result of their anti-gun polices.  Openly Christian, real marriage supporting Chick-fil-A thrives.

In the end we win and they lose.  Meanwhile stock up on ammo and food, and stay away from crowds.