You heard the man.

President Trump gave a brief speech regarding the crisis at the border tonight.  You can watch it here.  He stopped short of declaring a national emergency and invoking the legitimate Constitutional powers that such a move would grant him.  Instead he has asked us to call Congress and put a bug in our representatives’ ears.

I will not belabor what he said, the speech is short and you can watch it at the link above.  I will say that in calling on us, We the People, he has done absolutely the right thing.  This is our national problem, and it we, the citizens of this nation, blessed as we are with a republican form of government, to exercise our civic authority and tell our representatives what it is we expect them to do on our behalf at our direction.

Call your Congressman.  Call your Senator.

Yes, I am aware that they are radical left wing Democrats whose interests don’t align with ours.  Yes, I am aware that they regard us as their personal tax farms.  Yes I realize that regard us as mindless children who must be shown the more enlightened way and made to eat our vegetables whether we want to or not.  I know all this, and so do you.

Nevertheless, Call your Congressman.  Call your Senator.

Exercise your civic authority as free men and women, or confess your fitness to live only in chains.

Call now.  Operators are standing by.

Don’t know their numbers?  Don’t be so damned lazy, Google is, for once, your friend.

Now call!