The circus has come to town

The circus has indeed come to town, and promises that over the course of the next two years it will entertain us wonderfully with even more dare-that-devil-Trump trapeze acts, progressive clown routines and depraved social justice animal tricks.  The ultimate Donk and RINO show!  New, bigger, better, louder, flashier, more and never ending insanity!  The reviews will be predictably spectacular and their accomplishments will be nil because they will be up against a double wall: a Republican controlled Senate and Donald J. Trump.  Ho-hum.

I have more hope for the Senate ever since Lindsay Graham woke up and decided to actually walk his Republican talk.  It seems that the beneficial effects of participation in the Kavanagh hearings haven’t worn off yet.  Why, just the other day he interrupted some Fake News Babe to tell her that what she was saying was not only not true, but a lie.  Way to go, Lindsay!  Maybe it won’t be so much “my friends” as “those fiends” across the aisle.  Welcome to the team, Lindsay, nice of you to finally join us.

Then there’s the ultimate back stop, POTUS.  Now we get to see how well Trump plays defense.  Which is not to say that he hasn’t been, given that Paul Lyin’ Ryan was undermining the charge he should have been leading to get the President’s agenda enacted in the House.  But now with the House in Commicrat hands I expect the gloves to come off, if indeed they were ever on.  Put on your asbestos overcoats, boys and girls, and keep your extinguishers handy, sparks are going to fly.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Antsy Nancy Pelosi has taken the gavel in hand and is ready to hammer out some Social Justice.  She and her pirate crew are promising a never ending Progressive Pride Parade and Impeachment Pie Fight.  They’ll let it all hang out where America will see it.  And America WILL see it, Pravda on the Potomac, the New York Novosti and all the Evening Izvestia shows will lovingly lay it before our eyes, and tell us how cute and good and right it all is.  I don’t think America will be as filled with admiration as these lunatics expect.

Meanwhile, the forces of sanity (among which I count myself and my loyal reader – Hi, Mom!) will continue to make headway despite the Tranzi Traitors’ (Transnational Progressives) efforts to censor them.  They can stifle free speech, suppress the dissemination of ideas and mask their own failures only so far, but it won’t be contained.  It can’t be contained, as the USSR found out, and the Chinese Emperor will soon discover.

One approach to unmasking the Lunatic Left is presented in the video below.  Would to God it had been done a year ago, it might have made a difference to Johnny Nalbandian’s campaign as opposition research.  These guys are not the most scintillating presenters in the world, they are geeks, after all, but their information is sound, relevant and uncomfortable to Mr. Schiff.